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This week we went to Nacogdoches for a couple of days. And the one thing I am left with is gratitude that we left so soon after Becky died because in a sense it has frozen Nacogdoches in time for Katie to the time when Becky was alive. We went to the places she would remember - restaurants and the gymnasium and the public library, and she remembered them and Becky. I think if we had been going back there the last ten months with just the two of us, Becky's memory might have faded away from those things. But as it was, Becky was vivid everywhere we went. It made the trip very emotional for me, but it was worth it. It renewed my commitment to get Katie back there every couple of months for the next several years to kindle those memories.

And I was called by my favorite name a couple of times while in Nacogdoches - Mr. Goforth. I saw a couple of Becky's students while at Walmart, and they don't know that Becky never changed her name to mine, and so they just assume I am a Goforth.


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