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4th of July

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I know holidays can be hard for all of who are members of this site. But try to enjoy the day with your loved one's and make memories that will last a lifetime. For those of us without our loved ones find comfort in the memories of days like today and everyday. God Bless you all - Happy 4th.

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Wow Katie,

What a great day! I've heard about the survivor's parks and am glad you got to take your dad there and to see your office, I'll bet he was impressed! I'm so glad to see you both enjoying life and being able to spend great times together.


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You are right STARZ98..making memories is so important...I think it helps our loved ones fight the battle even harder when we have such great days together. Hope everyone had a great 4th. We had pouring rain in Pittsburgh..but that is why we have porches with roofs!!! My Dad ate so much..I found myself adding up the calories to myself with pride!!! He even decided he would drive home today..which he did...Happy 4th everyone and let's have a great entire JULY!!

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Katie, what a great day with your dad! I just KNOW he was so proud to see where his daughter worked. God does make things happen for us.

Hope you had a good 4th of July too STARZ98.

We just stayed home as it was storming all day long. Bill slept most of the day and my daughter was at the lake with friends. So I puttered around the house and planned a nice dinner for Bill. When I woke him to eat he had two servings!!! Made my day!


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