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Hi, I am new to the message boards- If any of you or your family members have taken Iressa, I have 2 question, they may seem silly, but I have a reason for asking.

1. Did you have a mouth irritation ever with this drug?

2. Did you get a face rash, and if so at what point of the treatment?

My father has recently begun this treatment. Thank you so much for your help!

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Hi Beth,

Sorry to meet you this way but welcome to the board. You will find alot of very caring people here and much support.

My husband was on Iressa for 60 days and about the second week he developed the rash on his face, chest and back. We tried alot of things on the rash but nothing worked very well.

I pray that your father has success with Iressa.

Blessings to you,


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I was on Iressa for about 8 months. I did have inflammation in my mouth and nasal passages. I had developed an infection called "Thrush". It's a fungal infection. He should be seen by his doc and if this is Thrush the doc can prescribe meds to treat it. Also, the infamous "Iressa Rash". Your Dad needs to use the gentlest soap and shampoo he can find, one that does not contain perfumes or dye. I used Aveeno Baby wash, shampoo, and lotion. I used it every day and it did help. I also was given a prescription for antibiotic skin cream (Bactroban) and that helped to keep the rash on my face and neck clear.

Hope this helps,

Fay A.

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After six weeks on Iressa, my sister (48 years old) has had no noticable side effects. She uses completely organic (natural, whatever) cleansing products (soaps, shampoo, toothpaste, lotions, etc) and has for some time. She has become a chemical "freak" (she calls herself that.....), and that started way before the Iressa prescription. But I do think that maybe that has helped keep a rash from developing.....


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