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Connie and everyone else in MN - how cold is it REALLY?

Remembering Dave

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Well.............. I live about 25 miles NORTH of the Twin City area, MPLS, & ST. PAUL. In my neighborhood it is: 4 ABOVE ZERO right now.

Your right, Embarrass, Minnesota which is on the Canadian Boarder WAY UP NORTH did have - 54 Below Zero, yesterday morning!

Had to laugh, On the Today's Show this morning, Matt L. said,

" I heard it was -54 degree's in Embarrass, MN. That must be just down the street from Freeze your Rear Off, MN. " :lol::lol: TO TOO FUNNY!

How do we stay warm? STAY HOME and make sure your heat is on! :wink:

We have a heat wave coming. It's going to be in the 20's today, ABOVE 0 that is! This too shall pass!

GOOD WINE and GOOD COMPANY and a FIRE PLACE are nice during these cold spells too!

Thanks for checking on us!

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Not currently in Minnesota, but spent three years in Fairbanks, Alaska - and three of the coldest winters in my life. During the hard part of winter, air temperature was -50 with a wind chill of -80. That's right, 80 degrees below zero!

...as for the car starting, I kept it plugged in. Neat little plug came through the grill and was plugged into a power outlet either at work or home. The power went to an oil pan heater, engine block heater and battery blanket.

How cold is -50? Well....if you spill hot coffee, it freezes before it hits the ground. Tears freeze in the eyes. Breath freezes in your nose as it is moist when it comes out. Women wear hats and scarves... Glasses with metal for the nose bridge can cause frostbite, as well as earrings. Frost nip can occur to any skin that is not covered - cheeks, ears, noses...

Tips that we were given upon arrival:

*Wear two pairs of gloves. "Contact gloves" worn under warmer gloves for tasks like unlocking a door. Warm hands can stick to metal and receive frostnip/bite upon exposure.

*Layer clothing with the closest layer to the body being a cotton to wick away moisture.

*Select clothes for warmth, not fashion.

*WEAR A HAT AND SCARF. Breathe through the scarf, don't have the cold air going directly into the lungs.

*Try to not be out in the weather if at all possible. Of course, life has to go on, people need to work, grocery shop, get kids to school...just limit time in the Great Outdoors.

...boy, I really DON'T miss that...(it's -4 here, at present)

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Becky, wonder if breathing in cold air could cause lung cancer, like it froze and damaged some healthy cells?

a real reach, I know. wonder if anyone's ever done a study on the percentage of folks in very cold temps with lung cancer.

and WHY OH WHY did you move up there?

frankly, I am very hot natured myself - the hot flash queen actually - but I KNOW I couldn't take that!


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Yes, it has been a little cold here in Minnesota the past few days but today as Connie says we will have a heat wave! They also predict snow by rush hour this evening! My plan is to get Rocky and Sally to the dog park to play for at least an hour early this afternoon before the snow starts. They are bothe part border collie , young and full of energy they need to get rid of. It has been so cold they have only been able to go out for short periods of time. That's the same with me too for different reasons. Usually I have no problems with breathing but when it is this cold it hurts to breath in really cold air. It has been cold and dry here. We have not even lit off the snow blower yet! Not so sure I want to go the our lung meeting in St. Paul this evening in a snow storm. Donna

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Oh, I MISSED something! Those of you in the wee temps, raid the summer toys and get a bottle of bubbles. Blow bubbles outside - they freeze! They freeze so fast they end up with a flat side where they came off the wand... Pretty neat thing to watch...

Karen, the U.S. military has bases in Alaska. I think it's the American version of sending someone to Siberia! I was there with my ex-husband as an Army wife.

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Hey here's one for you.

Take a banana ouside for 15 minutes, it will freeze and you can hammer a nail into a board with the banana. Yep, someone REALLY DID THAT, just the other day here on our News Station.

So, I guess that tells me what people do in this GOD FOR SAKEN COLD weather. They dream up stupid crap! :lol::lol::oops::roll::wink:

Becky, it's warmer here in my neighborhood then it is in your right now!

You can look at it this way too, at least we here in Minnesota Winter don't have to rebuild our homes because of the cold Weather??? !!!! :roll::shock:

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love the bubble thing! I used to LOVE that show Northern Exposure. I was so upset when it went off the air. really great writing, and made me wonder if you really needed to be that quirky to live in Alaska!

love the banana thing! imagine a squishy banana freezing that hard!

keep the cold weather tales a coming, very interesting!

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Hey it's pretty cold in PA (20miles North of Philly). It's suppose to go to

2 degrees tonight. GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone stay warm. Starting up your car at 6:30 am stinks!

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Isn't it funny how relative it all is. We just get used to what's normal for us, huh! 26 degrees sounds pretty nice to me! Except at that temp, we're sure to get snow, which is only great after the roads are plowed!!!

And Anais- just tell me when to pack my bags!!


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Got warm enough to snow here last night....how's that for you folks south of here that know that there is "cold enough to snow" but may not be aware that it truly can be TOO COLD TO SNOW! When having a vicious cold snap, sure is great to look out and see flakes coming down and knowing it means that it's warmer outside! LOL

Guess it's all in how you look at it, but I'm glad it's finally warm enough to snow... :wink:

Now, I'll be really happy when it gets warm enough for tadpoles again! Nothing says 'SPRING' better than the frog songs...

Ahhh...think warm...think "mud"... Any of ya'll planning to visit our new digs in the spring should bring either a bale of straw or a bag of grass seed...LOL

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