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camptosar side effects after treatment ends


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My sister has limited stage sclc. The doctors are very hopeful. She recevied Camptosar/radiation combo treatments and has done amazingly well. The problem is that now that her chemo has ended, she seems to be experiencing more side effects than when she was getting the treatments. She is experiencing ringing in the ears and tingling in her feet and hands. I know this is from the cisplatin(platinum) in her chemo but can anyone tell me how long she can expect this to go on. The doctor told her that this will pass but has anyone experienced these side effects and for how long after their treatment ended.

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I would post this in ask the experts.

I also had ear ringing from the Cis, it took a number of months to pass and I have perm. hearing loss. The cost of having cancer. Nothing they can do for me.

Captosar does not have much in the way of lingering as far as I know. Primary diareaha issues.

Post in ask the experts for a Doc to answer.


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My Mom finished chemo about the end of OCtober and still has the tingly/numbness in her hands and feet. Although it is gradually getting better. Mom had worse side effects after the chemo ended than she ever did while actually taking it. But everyday gets better

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I finished treatment in June, 2002 for limited sclc. In August 2002, the numbness started in my feet. I still have that numbness, though some days are better than others. Neuropathy is a common side effect of Cisplatin and i've been told, unfortunately, it can be a permanent thing. The numbness in my hands (fingertips) comes and goes and seems to be somewhat weather-related (possibly arthritis-like condition again a side effect). I had the buzzing in my ears during treatment, but once treatment ended, I think that went away quickly. I hope your mom continues on a road to a quick and lasting recovery.


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I still have problems in my feet and the cisplatin was given in 2001, 9 mos of it. The ringing in my ears let up after a month or two. Tell her to avoid tylenol, it also can cause the ringing if high doses are taken.

The camptosar gave me the runs and I still have trouble with it. At least 2 x a week I still take imodium.


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