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Still sick - long week - too many doctors


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OK, so I got a URI on Saturday...feel like garbage. Can't stop sneezing, it's so annoying!

Rescheduled the brain MRI I was supposed to have yesterday (can't lay flat and breath at the same time), have another one scheduled for Thursday.

Went to the PCP doc yesterday and got antibiotics and am using the nebulizer.

See the Endrocrinologist (sp?) tomorrow for the thyroid, have the MRI on Thursday.

Tarceva rash is a little worse, the bumps popping up on my face are huge! It's gross! Scalp hurts a little more from the rash.

Anyway I'm rambling on! Just wanted to complain that I feel bad!

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Oh God Beth! You sure have been through the wringer. I feel so bad for

you. Maybe it's a sign and it's all the cancer poision coming out of your

body. We can only hope. Will keep you in my prayers and vent anytime.

Take care and stay strong.

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You know I have to laugh everytime I post because it's always something and you know.....it's kinda hard to believe!

If I had the energy I would run away from myself!

I've been trying to get to Pulmonary rehab since November and still can't get there, everytime I get an appt, something else happens.

Oh well..............


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My kids think things always happen to me. But you take the cake and

I can say that because I have such a black cloud. (HAHA) Please take

care. I have to go to the Ortho Surgeon tomorrow torn tendon in left

shoulder. Well s__t happens!!!!!

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Just want to wish you the best in your bumpy trip.

Many people say that drugs without side effects do not work,

those you are taking are sure showing their nasty effects

right away.

Keep up your good mood, that is one thing that will keep

you going.


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I'm sitting here sucking on the nebulizer....the closest thing that i'll ever get too that represents smoking for the rest of my life! Inhale/exhale....inhale/exhale...kinda feels like smoking but you can't feel it going into the lungs like smoke!

I refuse to eat, I have gained so much weight it's starting to get nasty! I figure I'm getting sick and everything else....maybe if I shed a few pounds I'll get better!

Dave WAS pretty funny! He made me laugh! Take his car keys so he can't go to Super Walmart!!!! :lol:

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It's official.......SOMEONE doesn't like me.

We got 1 inch of snow today, it started an hour and a half before my doctor appt, by the time I left for the doctor the roads looked like a parking lot. What would have taken 15 minutes to drive took 45 minutes. Plus I almost got T-boned in the process....if it were not for my fabulous driving ability I would have been plowed into (and my warranty on my truck expired yesterday!!!!!!!).

Made it to the doctors and they closed schools! I had to walk out and try to beat my 8yr old home from school, thank goodness I won! He knew I had a doctor appt and was so scared that someone would not be here to meet him. So we had a little episode (plus I had his Grandfather racing me to make sure someone would get here).

So here I sit sucking on the nebulizer (again) my husband was in Newport News (about an hour or hour in half away) for a meeting today. They have CLOSED the interstate! Cause of all the accidents! He has to take the back roads home....well if they closed the interstate because of accidents and weather what are the back roads gonna look like?!

Plus I feel like crap! And want him here!

Oh well, I got that off my chest! So no new news about my thyroid because people in central VA can not drive in snow! :wink:

I'll let you know about the brain MRI that is scheduled for tomorrow.

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