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Hi everyone.

I'm doing better, nauseas almost gone. Zofran helped a lot. Thanks for your concern guys *HUGS* I feel better now... physically. Emotionally, I don't think I could be worst. I hate this! :cry: If anyone is online and would like to talk, please send me a message.

I'm on MSN: jayentrole@hotmail.com

I'm at a moment where I don't think things will ever get better. Sorry to bother you all with this. I don't want to complain so much but, I can't help it. I'm sorry :cry:

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WOW! You've been through a lot - and you are probably emotionally drained. Know that we are all here for you - I keep you in my prayers daily. I'm glad the Zofran worked for you and you are feeling physically much better. Maybe you could spend some time with your friends to help get out of the funk. Give yourself time - you've been through so much. (((Hugs back at ya))))-- Terrie

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Dear Jay,

Dont ever be sorry. A support group is to support each other in similar situations. I am not in the same situation as you, but I really wish I could be there for you. You have to understand the trauma that you have been through is an awful lot for anyone to bare. I wish I had the magic words to make you feel better. You have to take one day at a time. You will get better but its going to take time. I'm so glad your feeling physically better. Did you ever go to a different therapist? I remember you were not very happy with yours.

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Jay..thanks for the update!! You deserve to feel better and to have some fun..give your friends a call..I bet they are just waiting for the phone to ring..there are some great movies at the theatre and available to rent...a mini party would do you good..keep us posted and keep that beautiful smile!!!

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Don't ever feel bad to tell us how you feel. I can't imagine what you are going through, but remember we are here for you.

Try to get out with your friends.

Maybe you should look for another therapist to help you get through this difficult time.

Take care.


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I know you "hate this" and "I hate it for you.!" You are not as nauseated and physically stronger. That is progress!. Feeling better physically will help your mental outlook.

I want you to do something for yourself! Each day I want you to plan an activity to get you up and moving (Within reason of course, I realize you have a broken leg, had lung surgery, and are on chemo!) As soon as you are able, you need to get out of the house and hangout with friends. Set small daily goals, make plans for what you will do that day.

You need to laugh and to cry. Sometimes, I will rent a video or listen to music to help me get in touch with those feelings. (Just know that we can maintain our own depression by isolating ourselves and playing nothing but sad songs.) Keep a journal of you thoughts, which will help you to identify emotions and triggers to those emotions.

Put together a scrap book of your mother to help you memoralize her. When we lose someone in an accident so sudden, we are in such shock. Give youself the opportunity to sort through your feelngs and allow yourself time to grieve.

I know that your mom was your biggest support! Especially during such a scarey time for yourself. Did you say you have a sister? I truely wish that I could come through cyberspace to comfort you and give you a hug. This is probably the toughest hurt anyone could ever go through! Most people your age do not experience the kind of loss you have encountered. Jay, not only hve you lost your Mom, but the life you knew before cancer. It may not be revealed to you just yet, but God has a purpose for you Jay. You will live on to fulfill that purpose and your mother will guide your every step. I am here if you need to chat.


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Youve been given excellent advice above. I just wanted to send along my best wishes, you seem like such a nice young man. Its normal to have days where you feel like things cant get better, but they will, Jay. You have youth on your side!!!! You had surgery!!!! This chemo is to keep it away for good!! You have lots of reasons to be positive. Tell yourself these things when you are feeling down!

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:D I Jay,

I'm so happy to hear that you are feeling better. You know the holidays

make everything worse, especially after what you have been thru.

I know how tired you must get, but the posts are right, you have to

get out of the house. The scrap book of your mother is an excellent

ideal. This may sound crazy, but I look at a picture of my mother

everyday,and talk to her. It does make me feel better. Try it, if

not maybe just thinking of all the wonderful times, will bring you

happiness. You have been thru a lot and everything is going to take

time, but you will heal both emotionally and physcially.

Best Wishes,



dx 12/01 nsclc adenocarcinoma stage11B, 4/02 restaged to 1V, spread

to lymph nodes, chemo of 6 treatments of taxol and carboplatin, from

May 02 thru 8/02. In remission since and glad of it

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