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Weird Moments

Kel M

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Hey all,

Yesterday when I got home and checked my mail I found a card in the mail slot. I had a feeling I knew what it was, but I couldn't quite bring myself to believe it... It was a sympathy card.

My Mom hasn't even died. It was from my building manager and it was sweet and sent with the best of intentions, but definitely premature. So premature in fact, that I didn't know what to do but laugh.

I've decided not to say anything to the building manager because I don't want to embarass her. If I run into her and she asks me how I'm doing, I may feel obliged to say something (I abhor the idea of speaking of Mom in the past tense), but I'm not going to actively seek her out and say, "by the way, can you hang onto it for awhile..."

Terrible, terrible, I know. My humour is very dark these days, but it's pulling me through. On a positive note, my Mom should have a special visitor arriving at the hospital within the hour. I've flown in one of her sisters (as a surprise) who will be staying with us indefinitely. She's a kind soul with a heart of gold who will bring my Mom much joy in the weeks to come.

Cheers all.


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Most important, how wonderful of you to fly your sister in. That is just about the best present you can give your Mother.

Secondly, my Mother had a dream that a friend of her's husband had died. It was so real to my Mother that she called her friend. Maybe something similar happened to your building manager. You have to at least know she is kind, if not whiffty.

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Oh my. This is one of those "reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated" moments.

People try so very hard to be supportive and helpful, that some of them just can't help but miss the mark at times. Sounds like that's a nice person, even though she didn't have all her facts quite straight!

Have fun with your sis!


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Hey Kel:

Sounds great to get the family together!! We did the same thing when my mom was very sick at the beginning of her treatment.

How is your mom doing? Is she still in palliative care? What do the doctors think?

By the way, my landlord told me at the beginning of my mother's treatment that I shouldn't need a rental soon since her house would be empty soon......very, very heartless!! At least yours has her heart in the right place.

Take care, and prayers for you and your family,


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I am definitely liking your humor. What else can you do but laugh?

I hope that the girls will enjoy themselves. I am sure that this visit will be as valuable for your Aunt as it will be for your Mom and for you.

Please keep us updated on your Mom's reaction. I hope that she is doing all right. I noticed that you wrote that you want to take your Mom to Florida. Is that still in the plan?

Cindi o'h

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