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My Dad, My Hero

London Lad

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Dad passed away this Saturday just gone. Everything seems unreal at the moment. Since I was a kid, because I had such a wonderful, loving childhood I have always dreaded the day when I'd be without my parents. I still have my beautiful mother and sisters but right now my heart is in pieces. It is certainly true that the level of grief felt is proportional to the love that has been lost.

Over the past 10 months my dad battled with such courage and dignity he redefined what those two words mean to me. We did many good things through 2004 but I have many regrets around the things I didn't achieve while my dad was still here. His passing was peaceful for someone who'd been fighting so long and so hard in a battle we all knew could ultimately not be won.

Tonight our favourite football team plays. We'd often watch the games together but when we couldn't see the game together we always speak by phone after the match. Tonight I have nobody to call and it hurts so bad.

I'm so proud of my dad, he'll forever be my hero.

May I extend my thanks to the kind, supportive and wonderful folk on this board. My dad knew I came on this board and he'd be grateful to.

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LondonLad, so sorry you lost your dad. It is a traumatic thing no matter when in our lives it happens. I lost my dad and mom when I was in my early twenties. I decided then that I would be the best person I could be to honor their memories. And we have the memories of the good times we had. I wish you peace. Don

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Sean -

So sorry for your loss - I remember an earlier post where you had written about a day spent with your father and going to a football game. That story really stuck with me and the love for your father came through so clearly, as it still does.

I send your and your family warm thoughts and prayers for strength and peace in the coming days.

Much Love,


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I am knowing what you are going through and am sorry you must go through this. I lost my husband one month ago and it seems like yesterday. I have found that it helps to post to the "grieving" forum on this site. There are several of us who are grieving right now as you are.

My best to you in these difficult days.


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