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I have only posted here a couple of times. My mother doesn't "like" computers...And I "love" computers...So, here I am. This wonderful place has answered a whole bunch of our questions. It's good for my Mom to know that she's not the "only" one having these odd/normal side effects.

My mom was dx 2 months after her mom/my Nana had a stroke. We three lived together at the time. A decision was made to have Nana go to a rehabilitation facility. Well, she went from bad to worse in a short period of time. And died in her sleep in April. Mom never told her she had cancer.

I don't believe my Mother has really mourned her loss. So much has happend and still is.

After we received the news that the 2mm tumor was gone, and there was NED. My mother feels out of step. Because the trauma of the infection she got from the Port-a-Cath, the surgery to clean up the wound 2x, the scar/hole that's left. I think she still feels "sick" Or I think she had already set her mind to a place of "Okay, I'm going to die". Now that she's going to be around for awhile...She hasn't been able to get back "on track"...That's how she put's it...

Now, we are going to the surgeon Friday to see what this latest CAT scan(neck) means. There is an enlarged lymph node above the wound area that her Dr. thinks has something to do with infection/wound care.

We don't see the Oncologist until Feb 17th.

Thanks for reading...Thanks for being here...

Debra :D

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Tell your mom that my wife, Lucie, had an infection in her port-a-cath about a month after it was put in. She was in the hospital at the time and got a staph infection, which went systemic and almost killed her. The removal of the port left a big hole, but it closed up with time. She had to have another port-a-cath put in on the other side of her chest and that has done fine for 2 years.

Lucie also had bilateral pneumonia Aug. 2003, and survived that. So maybe that will help your mom have hope and fight on. Best to you all. Don

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Your mother is very lucky to have you by her side. I hope that things continue to work well for her. Not sure who those three fellows are in the picture, but with those three around, how could your mother not feel wonderful! Such cuties....love that picture.

Will keep your family in my prayers, please let us know how well your mother continues to do!


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