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my first post here


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hello, everyone--

i have been lurking here for some time and have just registered. you all are an inspiration to me with your faith, courage, and hope. i am not a lung cancer patient; however, i lost a grandmother to some sort of cancer that involved her lungs/esphagous (i was very young, so i don't remember the details) and a grandfather to pancreatic cancer (three weeks from diagnosis to his passing). i know i don't have the knowledge or experience that you all have, but i would like to be able to offer my support to everyone through this trying journey.


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Hi, and welcome Katie.

Seems like anyone you talk to these days has been affected by cancer one way or another. I think it is a good thing for you to offer your support to those on this message board; many are new and scared, some are tired and worn out, but most just wish they could just wake up and have this whole nightmare come to an end. Someone like yourself, with an experienced background dealing with cancer issues is just what the doctor ordered. Thanks Katie, and take care,

David P.

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Welcome Katie,

I can't express the depths to which I HATE this disease. The fact that it effects so many people, and leaves such devastation and suffering in it's wake is sickening. But, through this disease, I have been able to witness extreme kindness, selflessness and compassion.

The people on this site have given of themselves endlessly, although we've never met. It renews my faith in and love of mankind. I am eternally grateful for my family here.

Your kindness and willingness to come here to offer support to all of us who are in so much need of prayers and emotional caring is truly wonderful and we appreciate it.

Thank you

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