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Kind of freaked out (shoulder results)


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Hi Guys!

Thought I would let you know. Went to Ortho. Surgeon today. Got an

injection in shoulder. Start physical therapy in 10 days and then I have

a 50/50 chance of surgery! HUH! Oh well we'll see. I am soooo sick of

Dr.'s (no offense Dr. Joe)

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Hey, sounds like what I had done.

Boy do thoughs shots hurt!

I had surgery on one shoulder 04/02, within 6 weeks of surgery my other shoulder started to give me trouble, I thought it was because I had been over using it..........no, the other one went bad. Made it till 05/03 and had surgery again. Then I was luck enough to get LC in 04/04, it's been a fun three years!

The surgery is not that bad, except I couldn't move my arm for two weeks then I had limited movement.

Work out hard at physical therapy and I hope that it works for you!!!!!!!!!!! My physical therapist was cute so I worked out good to get praise! :lol:

Oh well, now you got yet another doctor!

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I was advised that I would need shoulder surgery too...impinged rotator cuff and bone spur.

I avoided it by steroid injection. And another steroid injection approximately 6 months after the first. PT and exercises helped. This was about 7 years ago...shoulder is fine now.

Maybe you will have good luck too.

Cindi o'h

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Let's hope for no surgery but I know you will do what you need to do. Some years ago I fell down the steps and got a rotator cuff tear. They were talking surgery so I went to a chiropractor first, just in case. He fixed it right up. It still comes back and in a way I kind of wish I had the surgery, but you might check out a chiropractor if you want to put it off. Margaret

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Our thoracic surgeon insists on range of motion immediately post op, out of bed to eat or no eating, etc. I really respect him for this. I had lots of problems in the months after surgery from "guarding" that shoulder and side. First my skin healed to the muscle! I had to have the scar tissue broken up by physical therapy, then I lost some range of motion in that shoulder, therefore more exercises, then developed "trigger" points in the muscle of my back and went to a back pain specialist to have them busted up , or if unable injected to pop them . They did 4-6 of them each week for several weeks. Much of this could have been avoided with just range of motion after surgery. Be patient, this to will pass. Donna G

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I am a little confused here. Why is there so much trouble after lung surgery with shoulder pain. Some of you needed an operation on your shoulder. Why?

Joel had no problem lifting his arm at all.

Was that because his was the top lobe?

Just curious.


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