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Palliative Care - a bit long


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I treasure each of you in different ways and none of this was inappropriate. There are so many comments here I agree with. If it brings you comfort, I am more than pleased that I wrote it. It helps me so much to share with all of you. Yes, there does come a time and if you are darn sure it is that time, like someone else said on another thread, "make it a dream, not a nightmare." I didn't think of that one but I sure do like it. And yes, I sure would like some notice when it is my time. I can't say we exactly did this or that but something happened here in this past year and it was a real good growth thing. Many special times. And we still aren't really darn sure just what is going to happen next or when but we feel like we have plenty of help and we can do it. We are doing okay still!! Hope you all are, too. I am checking in on you guys, very best wishes and prayers, and thanks for the hugs. Margaret

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Margaret, I went through this just one month ago almost like you describe you are doing. It brings back many memories.

Thank you for posting your message. I notice that it has helped a few people on the board who are presently grieving. I wish you both the best!


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Margaret, thank you so much for sharing this sad, heartfelt post. Each time I read a post like this I think back on the day that I had to make the decision to call Hospice for Dennis. You are so very right about the sudden feeling of calm taking over. We also enjoyed the quiet time together. I'm so glad you are able to talk freely with your husband. Dennis thought until the end that he was going to beat this monster, so there were lots of things that were left unsaid. Stay strong and keep a good bank of friends to talk to (like us). Talking to understanding people is worth a million dollars at this time!!!! Keeping you and your husband in my thoughts and prayers.

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