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Update on Mom


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Hello - Thought I would give an update on my mom. She started chemo again on Monday and she recieved a shot of Amifostene Monday night had bad reaction got sick had no chemo only radiation Tuesday. She is feeling better today not good just better and had chemo and radiation today. Doing good by next Tues all will be done and another scan will be scheduled. May I ask for prayers that this intense treatment will work?

Thank you all (prayers with all of you!)


P.S. I cut her hair short and she is really losing it but she has a wig and a lot of hats and really she is too sick to care. :(

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I had daily injections of Amifostine. They were given about 45 minutes prior to Radiation treatments. This is what worked for me:

Bring a bottle of water, some saltine crackers or pretzels, and an icepack. I didn't eat before going to the appointments. I did make certain to drink at least one glass of water before leaving for the appointment. (My drive to the Radiation Facility was well over an hour). Once I had the injection I would drink sips of water when my stomach would start to turn. And also I put the ice pack on the back of my neck. (I took several washcloths, wet them and put them in zip lock bags. Froze them. And brought them with me to the appointments.) I don't know why the ice pack to the neck worked so well, but it did. I used the same trick when I was pregnant to combat morning sickness. The super salty crackers and pretzels I would nibble while driving myself home. And it helped. Plus you have to make sure you drink lots of water while receiving these injections. Dehydration is your enemy. Also, find some Aloe Vera Gel, something without color or perfumes to rub into the injection sites several times a day. Over time very dry areas or sores will form where the injections are given. The Aloe gel helps to heal the skin.

I just dealt with the headache caused by the shots as something I had to put up with for a limited period of time. And I can put up with a lot if it will get me through the treatments that will extend my life.

Hope things get better very soon. Just tell your Mom to hold on...there is light at the end of the tunnel and it ISN'T always a train!

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