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They seem to know.


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I know when my mom was very sick. She told us allot in the last week that she was not going to make it and that she was dying. we always told her, "Mom your not dying, you just have an infection.

well the nurse told us when we asked why she kept saying this "sometimes they just know"

then when dad was at his sickest. he pulled my husband aside, gave him keys to safe deposit boxes and told him where they were and said I am not going to make it and you need to know where these things are.

he died 4 days later.

Yesturday a co-worker got a call to the hospital, her father was sick and she went to see him on her lunch. He told her he was dying and it would be today. She told him your not going anywhere today. she came back to work and told me what he said. I said to her "Mary sometimes they know"

I just got a phone call and her father passed at 8:30 last night.

do you think people get something or hear something or see someone who comes for them and they tell us to prepare us? I want so much to believe that someone came for mom and mom came for dad and that someday someone will come for me and take me that breath span away and I won't be afraid.

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I believe there is someone waiting for everyone. I believe there is something beyond death, and I believe some people have a gift and can communicate with those who have gone before...

I believe that some people just know. They are not scared, some are even excited about the new adventure. Some people are ready when Death comes. They are expecting it and they welcome it and the passing is relatively easy. Gentle... I believe there is nothing to fear in dying, I just don't want to go yet.

Take care,


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I believe they do know. Although I was very young (only 15) when my grandmother passed away after a long battle with bone cancer, my memories of her in her final weeks will remain with me forever. Just a day or two before she passed away, we were on the telephone and she told me to tell my parents that "The fat lady is warming up her vocal chords"...it was quite some time before I realized what she was talking about; but as soon as I told my Mom what she said....my parents were en route to her house within an hour. In the final hours of her life she was very coherent despite the heavy medication she was on; she was recalling old times with great accuracy and intermittently smiling up at the ceiling and holding up one finger as if to be gesturing to someone "just one moment"...I'll never forget those days.

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I say amen to the above replies and add that they gave me chills.

I used to go to my moms house each day before we took her in for her radiation appointments. The first thing I would do for her was her hair. My dad had gone downstairs which left my mom and I taking as I did her hair. She told me that she had been talking to her dad who had passed away 44 years before. I asked her how she felt when she talked with him and she told me that she felt good. I told her to just keep talking then. She told me that she asked him to take away the pain that she was having and he told her that he understood because he had died from the same cancer many years ago.

One time while I was visiting her at the hospital she asked me who the angel was that was above me. Yes, I do believe that they know.

I believe death to be a passage way into something else.

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I know of 2 friends who saw-something just before they died. One kept looking and pointing at the corner in the ceiling. Greg another one saw horses with a cart of some type coming. He was looking above the window in his living room. My own grandma talked with dead relatives for a few days before she died. She always had her eyes closed, she did not act like she could hear us but she had long conversations with her mom and sis.

I pray I can leave behind a memory like these to my kids and Tom.

Love Cindy

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Nurses take it seriously when someone tells us they are dying. I don't know if seeing someone or something tells them they are dying, but I do know many people see people and things before death. My Dad was waving to his old Navy buddies and inviting to come into the room before he died. He was not demented - he was just glad to see them.

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I too enjoyed these stories very very much. I was not in the hospital room when my father passed away. I had left some hours earlier. He was under heavy medication and on a bipac machine and couldn't open his eyes or respond to us. I was afraid to be there with him when he passed, an regret every moment of it now. I don't think he was conscious or if he said anything right before, and I never will. But, and I hope no one is offended by me mentioning this here, but I have been wondering about this since watching my little boy (cat Lincoln) pass away. As he was dying, at one point he was looking up at the ceiling like someone was calling his name or talking to him. It was the strangest thing and I always wonder if he heard someone calling his name. It sure did look that way. I do know with regards to my father, that a few days before we brought him to the hospital because of the terrible pain, he was in his room one night and he was saying out loud "Tell me what to do Ma"? I went in his room and he was just sitting on the end of his bed. He was talking to his mother, my grandmother, who passed away in 1992.

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I think they know when the end of the trip is near.

October 6th 2003, we went out as usual and enjoyed

the afternoon.

The evening was quiet, happy, filled with music.

October 7th, Mike can't speak anymore, see just

enough to write a note,


He died on October 13th.

Those last days were filled with smiles, hugs and


He knew.

Now you got me crying...


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I certainly believe our loved ones know when their time is near. Dennis was able to talk to me about "visitors" he had in the days just prior to his death. Some of them he didn't know but he felt he knew others. On some mornings, he would compalin of having a very restless night because of all these people surrounding his bed. Once he described them as being dressed in "costumes." On the Friday morning before he died he told me of a special visitor he had during the night. He called this man the "International Traveler." He said this man was very ill and wasn't going to live long. The man had cancer throughout his body and wasn't going to make it. He said the Traveler's job was to go arounds the world and prepare people for death. Dennis said the man was still in the room while he was telling me the story. He pointed to a chair in the corner of our bedroom where the man was sitting. When I looked at the chair, I only saw a big teddy bear that my best friend had given me when Dennis was diagnosed with cancer. I picked up the bear and carried it to Dennis's bedside and said..."is this the man?" I was thinking this might be a reaction to some of his meds. Dennis looked at me as if I was the one that was nuts and said....."No...but that is the bear the man in the chair was holding before you took it away from him." Just seconds before Dennis died, he lifted his left arm high into the air and said "OK." I have to believe he was talking to someone that I hope to see someday!

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OH, I forgot to add that I now believe the "Traveler" was trying to make Dennis realize he wasn't going to make it. You see, Dennis never gave up and never even discussed the possibility that he might not make it. It was as if the description he gave Dennis of his health was actually a decsription of Dennis's problems.

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