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stopping chemo


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It's in my profile, but my mom had scans and an MRI at the end of December. The onc said they looked "excellent." As I understand it, the plan right now is to do one more round of chemo, and then just do scans every couple of months. I asked my mom to get photocopies of the scan and MRI reports from the onc. The report on the lung area was great, but the report related to the bones and pancreas, etc. more or less said "no change." If this is the case, should they be stopping chemo? I would think unless the scans show NED, they should be moving on to the next type of chemo. I would appreciate any thoughts, experience anyone has with this. Thanks.

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In addition to what Katie said, chemo and radiation both have a residual effect. In other words, they continue to work for quite a while after tx stops. So while your mom's chemo is ending....it doesn't mean that the chemo she had is not still working on her cancer.

The body does need time to regroup...which is why there are sometimes weeks between chemo treatments. Treatments are spaced because of how profound the effect of chemo can be on the body. You've no doubt heard the expression about how "sometimes the cure is worse than the disease"?? Well, never truer than when it comes to cancer and cancer treatment! It is poison....toxins....that get infused....and the body can only take so much without having some time to regroup and rebuild healthy tissue.

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