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update on my special dad


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Hello Dear Friends,

Ive been asking for prayers for my father because he was denied three treatments due to low platelets. He did receive one platelet transfusion. Now this Friday he was denied a 4th time and given two pints of whole blood. This is because his bone marrow took such a beating with the stem cell transplant for the lymphoma. So, onc is switching to Navelbine in two weeks. Next week he'll get a port put in. The other two treatments he did have will count towards the total of 8 treatments they want him to have before surgery.

I am praying constantly that there is no spread in the meantime and that his blood cooperates so he can kill this cancer, have the surgery and go for the cure!!! Any prayers would be so much appreciated. I want you to know how much they have meant to me already.

You are such a wonderful group of people.

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Dear Linda,

I can empathize with you about waiting for treatment and fear of the cancer spreading. I am praying for your Dad right this moment! You do have a "Special Dad", he is quite the surviver! It is that strength within him that will pull himself through this too!


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