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Anyone heard from CindiO?


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I had a great check up yesterday!

I walked back to be roomed and got big smiles and cheery hellos from both the nurse practioner and the doctor in the hallway.

I had a very thorough check from the NP. She checked all the lymphs and all of my spine and neuro reflexes.

Then the doctor came in with the best news. There have been no changes in my CT scan. Everything looks the same. He said that since I have now passed the 2 year mark, that my chances for survival have increased significantly. I pinned him down on this one. He thought a bit and said now I am up by 35%. That sounded pretty good to me.

I asked about Tarceva. He said that at this point out from treatment, he would not recommend it. But, if I were just finishing treatment, he would consider it.

I asked about selenium. He gave a rapid response of "yes" to this one. He said that at the least, it cannot hurt.

He wants to see me back in four months instead of three.

I got my hugs from them both. I love my hugs. Won't have them for another while.

I am somewhat tenuous about going now every 4 months. There will always remain that lingering question in the back or front of my brain...is everything all right? I challenged him on this and he wouldn't budge. So. Four months it is.

Thanks for all of your concern, love and especially support. You guys are the best.

Love, Cindi o'h

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So glad you got such a positive report from the Dr. You're doing really well 8) I've heard about selenium being good, but I can't remember exactly why!? Can you give me some insight about this? I just take a regular multi-vitamin every day, nothing extra, but maybe I should.

Be sure to do a happy dance this weekend!


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If I weren't afraid I'd fall asleep, mid-sip, and drown in my own good wishes...I'd be drinking a celebratory Baileys for you right now, Cindy!

But....soon as I can stay awake thru a WHOLE glass.... :wink:

Congrats on such a good report. And at 4 mos. intervals....you'll do just fine too. Betcha won't even notice the difference! 8)

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Thanks guys!!

Joanie.. I just finished reading about selenium over in ask the experts. Alisa asked about it in experimental treatments and both John and Cunningham replied. There are some good links posted.

This is all I know about it. It is a new subject to me too. Looks like I may be doing things a little differently. Can't hurt.

All my best to you, too!

Cindi o'h

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That positive 2-year report is HUGE in our lives as cancer survivors! Congratulations!! (I also totally understand the nagging doubts that sometimes assail us, but I say a big Thank You prayer each morning that I awake once again.)

Bestest thoughts and cyber hugs coming your way.

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