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For anyone using Alimta / has a rash


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I had/have a rash on my face and hands (among other places) from my Tarceva. It doesn't itch, it is painfull and sensitive and feels raw. It also burns. I know that after awhile (like dealing with it all day and night comes) it starts to drive me crazy! I have just been putting lotion on and on and on. Also taking warm showers seems to help me....then more lotion.

Although putting the lotion on is painful it seems to help if you keep the areas moist. When I'm at home I keep the greasy cortisone cream on my face when it's really bad. The cortisone takes alot to get off and seems to "seal" it.

The rash had gotten so bad on my hands that they were peeling and I mean my entire hand, it's disgusting. They are starting to peel again, it's like the rash is coming off. Really strange.

Tell her to hang in there!

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Sorry, I missed this earlier , but I have answered your pm. I don't know if I have given you an answer that will help or not. My husband put nothing on his rash and the treatment for it is steroids, which the onc would have to prescribe. Mike, says his rash isn't painful, itchy or uncomfortable. Topical remedies evidently aren't the answer in this case, but it would be best to ask your mom's doctor. I wrote you more in my pm... Hugs to you and mom.


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