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I know that we have all talked about how there is no cure for this crappy disease but on Wednesday I went for my 3 mos. Onc appt. and he told me that when a patient is 3 years out from dx with no recurrence since dx, for all intents and purposes, the patient is cured. He also said that in his 30 years of practice, he has never seen a limited stage sclc patient relapse. So, since I meet this criteria he said he considers me cured and doesn't want to see me for 4 mos! I don't know if he is right in this but I'm going to take it as the truth.

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Hi Andrews Mom,

This is wonderful news! Just wonderful! I'm quite sure that your doctor knows what he's talking about and YOU ARE CURED!!! :D:D:D

I don't think that most of think that lung cancer can't be cured. It can be completely eliminated from a person's body - particularly when it's caught early and there has been no spread to other organs.

I think what is generally meant when it is said that there is "no cure" is that there is not a pill, or chemo or drug, or diet, or treatment, etc. that everyone that has lung cancer can use and be cured. Or, there isn't a cure like there is now for so many diseases, or a vaccine to prevent it, i.e., polio.

There have apparently even been reported cases of Stage IV lc patients that have even been in remission or been told they are "cured". I don't doubt the truth of that for a minute.

I just hope that many people reading this web site realize that there is always the possibility that they will be cured of this disease. Whether it be through chemo, radiation, medicine, diet, nutrition, or a miracle, there is ALWAYS hope.

Some day we will have the "cure" or the "vaccine" or the "miracle". Until then, we have hope and we have each other.

I am so happy for you! I pray for these results for all 1600+ members of LCSC and the thousands and thousands of people that have lung cancer that aren't a part of this wonderful family.

Thank you so much for sharing your good news! It gives many of us much hope.



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Oh I'm so glad to read your post. I'm similar to you in that I was diagnosed in 4/02 and have no recurrence as of today 1/05. My dr. has me on a 4 month visit schedule and a 6 month CAT scan schedule. But to hear that your dr. thinks after 3 years with no recurrence is a cure is music to my ears. I'm so happy for YOU and ME. ((()))


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That's great. SCLC CAN be cured, especially when caught early, like yours was - it responds very well to chemo and radiation.

When Dave was first diagnosed he decided why not be part of the 10% that do survive it? Well, he had SCLC limited and did go into remission, for all of six months, before it returned to his noggin, but we plan on him beating it again (and it looks like he's on the way, as long as his peas don't turn into brussel sprouts) and in three years or maybe five he'll be cured too!

thanks for giving everyone HOPE!


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