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Public figures who are surviving Lung Cancer


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Tammy Faye Baker. She had a tumor in her lung that affected her voice. Although she kept saying it was lung cancer, I wonder if it wasn't recurrent colon cancer that metastised to her lung.....Anyway, you can add her to your list, she says she is cancer free.


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I am a huge Jack Klugman fan, he had cancer of the throat, and is doing quite well. I also know that on a Dr.Phil show, he mentioned to a guest who's wife was trying to get him to kick the smoking habit that his mother (Dr. Phils) has lung cancer. No mention of it since, that I know of, though..

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This was copied from a post by Dave G. I will try and post the thread site.

http://www.lchelp.com/community/viewtop ... =ellington

Celebrities who died of Lung Cancer

Kim Perrot (32)

Nat "King" Cole (45)

Doug McLure (56)

Warren Zevon (56)

Steve McQueen (50)

Chris Andromidas (50)

Betty Grable (57)

Carl Wison, Beach Boys (51)

Edward R. Morrow (57)

Bobby Bonds, Baseball Player, San Francisco Giants (57)

George Harrison, Beatles, (57)

Elizabeth Montgomery, Actress

Wayne McLaren, Marlboro Man, (51)

Dick Powell (59)

Roger Maris (51)

Larry Linville, M*A*S*H star (60)

Eddie Kendrick (52)

Gary Cooper (60)

Jimmy Dorsey (53)

Gary Crosby (61)

Larry Gilbert, Golfer (54)

Chet Huntley (62)

Mark Belanger, Baltimor Orioles (54)

Cal Ripkin, Sr. (63)

Lee Remick (55)

Franchot Tone (63)

Susan Hayward (55)

Walt Disney (65)

Will Thornbury, Camel Model (56)

Yul Brynner (65)

Eddie Rabbit (56)

George Peppard (65)

Stephen Ambrose (66)

Sarah Vaughan (66)

Spencer Tracy (66)

Patrick O'Neal (66)

Harry Reasoner (6

Alan J. Lerner (6

Desi Arnaz (69)

Nancy Walker (69)

Audrey Meadows (69)

Chuck Connors (71)

John Wayne (72)

Ed Sullivan (72)

Leonard Bernstein (72)

Duke Ellington (75)

Mo Howard, Three Stooges (77)

Henry Morgan (79)

Jack Benny (80)

Arthur Godfrey (81)

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Yes, I agree, they should all be remembered.

I looked up each of them and a few others I know that died of this disease and almost all of them have no mention of thier LC in their press releases.

To have had this disease, struggled through tx and to not share this as the cause of death is more of the same. For breat cancer their are so many public figures that share about their stuggle,share intimate details of tx, but not for LC.

George Harrison had throat cancer

Elizabeth Montgomery had colon cancer

Richard Block was VERY public about it and I read his book. What an inspiration.

My point here was not to come up with a list of public figures that died of LC, but to see if there are current, public figures out there screaming from the roof tops that they have survived. There is not.

This all started w/ I saw Ken Kerchaval interviewed and couldnt believe he didnt want the intervier to discuss that he was a survivor. He almost seemed embarrased. He wanted to talk about antiques. I was stunned. I figured if anyone knew of surivors, it would be our group on this board as I have found this group to be such an wealth of info.


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Shelley Morrison, who plays "Rosario" (Karen's maid) on Will & Grace is a lung cancer survivor. I read her story in the March/April 2003 issue of Coping magazine. (She was on the cover)

She had breast cancer in 1988, and then another bout of breast cancer in 1998. A year later, her docs discovered lung cancer that was completely unrelated to her breast cancer. She had a lobectomy of her upper right lung and was considered Stage I. She did not have any further treatment and is doing well!

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