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Question about using fireplaces


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Hi all,

Just a quick question, as this was brought to my attention from a friend who has a friend who had a lung removed.

She told me that she could not light a fire in her fireplace when he is over because it bothers him because it takes the oxygen out of the air.

We do not have a gas fireplace, just a wood burning one. It is actually a double facing one. Faces the family room and the dining room on the other side.

So far, I have not used it as Joel is not completely cured from the operation anyway. But I was wondering if I will be able to use it. I certaily wont if it could affect his breathing.

Please people in our colder climates, give me feedback.

Thanks much


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Thanks Ginny

That is the answer I have been looking for. Great news as we love the fireplace!!

Iam so pumped about the game tomorrow. Could you imagine if tomorrow weather was like today!!!! But everything is going for the Eagles and the fans, they are going to beat Atlanta's B-tt.


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I was just talking to my son about the game. He is a little nervous since he thinks the weather is better for Atlanta since they are more of a running game and the Eagles are more of a passing game.

My husband adored the Eagles. I thought he might be stubborn enough to live through the Super Bowl, but we all agree that he is in heaven directing them, so:


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Ture Ginny, the Falcons are a running team, but they are also a Dome team, not use to cold weather and especially not snow. And Michael Vick, he loves to run....well he will be slipping and sliding so I don't think he will run as much.

So keep the faith, Eagles will soar... they have a great defense and with everyone well now that is a awesome defense. And hey, there's Donavan and Westbrook.

One other thing, T.O. will be in the SuperBowl!!

Yes, we will go to the Super Bowl. Your husband and my dad will be smiling :mrgreen::mrgreen:


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In response to the question regarding lighting a fire in the fireplace....

She told me that she could not light a fire in her fireplace when he is over because it bothers him because it takes the oxygen out of the air.

I read about a fire log in this month's issue of Alternative Medicine Magazine. It recommends "Enviro-Log", for an "earth friendly fire". It produces more heat and less carbon monoxide and particulate emissions than regular firewood. Unlike other fire logs, they are free of petroleum additives. The burn bright and hot, and relatively smoke-free for several hours. Basically, the decrease air pollution and release less carbon monoxide. Sounds good to me!

You can read more about them at www.enviro-log.net, or contact 866-343-6847. The website also mentions that they sell their logs at Whole Foods Market, so I'll probably check that out!

The January issue of Prevention Magazine also discusses this subject, with an article entitled "Build a Better Fire". It mentions "Java Log", which I found info on below:

Declared one of the “Coolest Inventions of the Year” by Time Magazine, the Java-Log is taking the United States by storm. The Java-Log is the world’s first and only fire-log made from recycled coffee grounds. Throw a Java-Log into the fire place and light it on the first try! Then sit back, relax, and enjoy up to 3 hours of long lasting beautiful flames that emit more heat, a slightly sweet aroma but no coffee aroma, no chemical smell, and less carbon dioxide than a traditional fire! Comes in a Case of 6 Logs.

(You can do a Google Search on "Java Log", several sites pop up)

Since we are buried in over a foot of snow here in Jersey, I'll probably be enjoying one of these log fires myself! :wink:

ps -- E-A-G-L-E-S -- we're SUPERBOWL bound, baby!!!

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WE'RE ON OUR WAY!!!!!!!!!


The past few days all I have thought of is my dad.

He was a die hard Eagles fan. I so wish he was here

to share this w/ him. He was a football coach at

St. John Bosco for 15 yrs. Maybe he'll meet Earl up

there and they can watch the Super Bowl together.

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Hi Heather,

I tried clicking on that link, but I get a bad pathway, and when I actually type in the web address I get "this page cannot be displayed"

What Iam wondering is, can you put wood on top of that one log, or you just use the one firelog. I like a roaring fire. Not just one log.

Maybe I will call them, since you left the phone number and ask them about it.

Thanks so much as usual for your feedback, Heather.

It felt so good to FINALLY win an NFC Champion.... SUPERBOWL BABY!!!


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I found this info on the website that seems to answer your question. (if you do a google search on "enviro-log.net", their website comes up. Not sure why the link doesn't work directly....

How They Are Used

Our products are clean to the touch and light directly with a match thus making them great for camping, picnics and outdoor gatherings. Because we used WOCC, we have minimal smoke, no offensive smoke odor, and provide large flames to enhance the fire-side experience.

Unlike the other manufactured logs on the market, Enviro-Log Firelogs are not only an effective starter for wood fires, but can be added to a wood fire to boost the fire. Adding an Enviro-Log Firelog to a green wood fire changes the burn and create a wonder fire experience.

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