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Go Pa.

Mr Ry

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Wow Eagles & Steelers both playing for titles. Way to go Pa. I was born in North central Pa. So I have to go for both teams. If it comes down(and it will) to both being in the Super Bowl, it would have to be the Steelers. Rochelle and I went to school in Northwest Pa. during Bradshaw, Lynn Swan, Franco Harris, and the steel curtain days. I am very familiar with Iron City Beer being the Steelers biggest backers.

Go Steelers !!!! :D

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Wow, I would love an all PA Super Bowl, Pittsburgh is my second favorite team. I love Cower.

But, I am an EAGLES fan. Tried and true for many years.

I can not believe that they could lose 4 NFC championship games in a row. Oh dear God, please do not let that happen.

Wind chill factor supposed to be 0. And our guys are hardened, no dome for us.

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I used to live near Pittsburgh in the 80s, I remember well those days of Mean Joe Green and Terry Bradshaw and Lynn ???, the guy who was third to be quarterback, you remember? We used to cook up chili and have a party watching the game. Changed social groups and that was the end of that but it was fun while it lasted. Margaret

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Well sorry all your Steelers fans, but its the wonderful Philadelphia Eagles going to the big game. Finally,

we made it.

Philly went completely bullistic.

Fly Eagles fly

to the road to vicotory

Fly Eagles fly

score a toucdown 1-2-3

Hit um low

Hit um high

And watch our Eagles fly,

Fly Eagles fly

On the road to victory

E-A-G-L-E-S........ :mrgreen: EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!

Party time... Drinks for everyone!!


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