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Hi Friends, update


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I know I have not been here much since Christmas.

Art and I both have been quite sick. I have had pnuemonia and had an awful time recovering, but am finally after almost a month getting better..whew!

Art has a nasty kidney, bladder, and prostate infection.

As for Bob, he is on duragesic 200 patches and motrin and dilaudid and still in enough pain that it wakes him up at night and is "ferocious" in his words. He is in his recliner almost all the time now. Getting up to use the bathroom, and that is about it. He no longer sits at the table to eat. Sees the onc again next Tues. and is hoping for some help with the pain, but not sure what they can do.

Onc. said at the visit a week or so ago that all he can do is palliative care, and that he would not reccomend a morphine pump or anything because Bob cannot go under anesthetic to insert it. He feels all the pain is coming from the L4-L5 met.

Both Bob and Jo feel his quality of life is pretty bad. We spent the evening with them tonight for the first time in a long time, because I have been to worried about taking any germs there with my pnuemonia. We have really missed them a lot, and it was a good visit. Took chili for our supper since it has been so cold and snowy and it seemed like a good idea, and we watched an old movie together.

Missed you all and hope to be around more again.



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Hi, Nell, I have been wondering how you were and how your friend was. I sure hope they get the pain under control, whatever they have to do. Glad you have recovered from your illness, wow, you have been through a lot. All you can do is enjoy today as best you can. We are in palliative care, also, so I know how you feel. Our best to you and yours. Margaret and Jim

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Glad to see you back on.

Ask Jo to speak to the oncologist about referring him to a pain clinic. It might be worth a shot. There should be someway to block that pain.

It's six below here this morning! Hope you're keeping warm over on your side of the county.


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Dear Nell,

Sorry to hear all the bad news but I'm glad you and your husband are feeling better. I too had a bronchitis into pneumonia siege, after catching an upper respiratory infection from Len! So he ended up taking care of me.

I second the thought of trying to get some other option for pain control. There must be something they can do.


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