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Radiation Onc does not agree with Radiologist Report


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Hi all,

Well, we finally had our appt at the Rad Onc, and she read the PET report and was not too happy then asked for the PET Scan(So glad I brought it) She does not see anywhere on the scan that shows the Back Spine involved with Mets. There are two lymph nodes (supposedly) lit on either side of the spine, which, I feel maybe he felt was causing Freds Pain, but she said they are not that large to be causing any pain and that may just be inflammation !!! Our Onc never looked at the scans just went by the Report.

She has asked us to get the Onc to do a MRI of the back and hopefully that will get to the root of the problem, but she feels as do I that he injured something back there moving the dryers one in and one out! Either way she said if it is a Met she can zap it but does not feel it is.

I still remember the story our Onc Nurse had told us about her having CT scans because of bad back pain after falling, they were asked to fax them to our Cancer Center, well she was floored when the reports came in about the cancer this and that, (There was no cancer) I guess because of where they were going the Radiolgist just assumed!!!

Another wonderful thing after 10 days of nausea

yesterday he finally felt well, hopefully some kind of stomach bug, I was afraid it was the Chemo or the Liver Mets. But he is finally eating and feeling even a little hungry.

I am in such a better state than last week even after shoveling all morning I still have a Smile.



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One of my PET scans showed my spine lit up, MRi of spine ordered and it was degenertaive disk disease. Thats all.

The good thing about PET is anything highly metabolic will light up, bad news not all lights are mets and each has to be checked out.

Yes, I would do MRI. Good luck.


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Rosemary and Fred,

I like Jen's answer about it being Degenerate Disk disease! So, on that note, I am going to keep my fingers, toes, eye, etc... crossed that this is something other then the BIG C that Fred has!

Glad to hear your doc is ontop of this! :)

Love to you both,


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