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finally an official diagnosis for my gram


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Well my Gram finally got her official diagnosis. She has extensive adenocarcinoma stage 4 with mets to adrenal gland, liver and bones and vocal cords. She met with an onco on Fri and he was very nice and straightforward with her. He respected her wishes for no treatment and will be hooking us up with hospice so she can at least have some pain management. She is in alot of pain now so I hope we get this going quick. She is not able to eat anything and just drinks a little ensure. She has handled her diagnosis very well and just wants it to all be over with. We talked about her wishes and what she wants and doesn't want. Now I just pray that the Good Lord will not let her suffer for long. I thank you all for your support and answers to my unanswerable questions. I hope I can handle all of this as well as she is.

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