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Tarceva Rash Cover up....

Fay A.

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Well, the face was beginning to frighten children so I asked some folks about how to cover it without making things worse than they are. I've tried several products, and found a type of pancake makeup and loose powder that has pretty good coverage, doesn't look too terrible, and actually felt better than leaving the skin bare. So, for those who are interested I'm using Physician's Formula Pancake Makeup. And at least now the little ones won't worry because I suddenly have "Boo-Boos" all over my face. One little fellow (age 3)told me he would ask his Mom to kiss me and make me better, because she can fix anything. :) I melted.

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My 13 yr old daughter suffers from acne. Nothing seems to work for her. She likes to wear makeup, but it worries me. We found this line of products, actually i think the dermatoligist recommended it, Physicans Formula and it did wonders for her face. Rather than it looking like she is covering the acne, it face looks more smooth and normal and acne truly seems to be better. This stuff is awesome, and they have numerous products. Now its not that cheap, but if you have a Walgreens where you live, they put it on sale about once a month for 40 percent off.

i give it a 5***** rating


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