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17th Wedding Anniversary


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Today is my 17th wedding anniversary. Can't believe it's been that long, although we have been together 22yrs.

I sit here, the night before I get my brain MRI results, surprised that I made it this far. I turned 37 between surgeries and expected that.....but wondered if I would see this day.

We went out to dinner (with the kids) which is something that we have not done in months. When I can eat (without esophagus problems) we will go out without the kids) to my favorite fondue restaurant (oh I remember the 70's well, we always fondued!). When we told the kids we were going out they gave us the old, "we haven't been out to dinner in months" "we don't wanna go to grandma's". So we took them (suckers), plus this is more of a family celebration anyway. I'm still here! :D

We don't have to be alone to appreciate where we are, in fact we are really glad that we are all together and that everyone is healthy.

Here's to another 17yrs with a guy who would hold your hair back when you are vomiting (if you have any) and will let you sit in his lap (when you weigh more then him) and cry on his shoulder. :wink:

pppsssttt - still praying that brain MRI is OK! Nervous about tomorrow!

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Congratulations Beth. Glad that you had a nice dinner and hope you get some much needed sleep tonight. Tomorrow they will tell you that you are empty headed. Then, you and the hubby can go out and celebrate a romantic anniversary AND a clear MRI. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow.


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Late as always...Happy Anniversary anyway, hope it was a wonderful day for you and Kurt.

Let us know when you get back from the doc today, we will be waiting to hear the good news about your empty head. Hopefully your mind will be put to ease some.



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Hi Beth,

Chiming in here with belated but still heartfelt wishes that your 17th anniversary dinner was fantastic. Will be thinking about you today and looking for that "good news" post!

Love to you and your family!

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Hi Beth,

You have been so nice to me and I thank you for that.

Congrats!!! on your 17th anniversary. That is wonderful and you certainly have one of the good ones. I know you know how lucky you are and he loves you so much.

You will have many more anniversarys to come. Just keep the faith like you have been doing.

You have beaten the odds so far and you are like the Engerizer bunny, you keep going...going... and going. Keep it up girl!!!!

Please keep us informed about your MRI. Fingers and legs crossed.

Best of wishes


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