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My Dad was Dx with Extensive SCLC(mets to the bone and liver) on 12/17/04.

Started first round of chemo (VP-16 and others)1/5/04-1/7/04, then around of Zometa (for bones) on 1/13/04.

Has had two Shots Procrit for anemia.

Pleural effison drained 12/21/04

He is so fatigued. Doses all day. Can't sleep in his bed ( we are going to try to get Hospital bed for him). He will only can get out of his the chair to go the restroom. Some days won't a shower. Barely eats less than 1000 calories. He does drink water.He has made statements that doesn't he will make. He scheduled for the second round of chemo on the 26th

My question is. Should he be this fatigued or could he be depressed? Mom is going to ask the doctors but

I want to get info from the members of the forum.

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Dear Driver4

Sorry you had the need to find us, but I'm glad you did.

As for your dad and your questoins, the answer is, yes, yes! Yes treatments make us very tired, Yes, depression goes hand and hand with cancer, and I want to add one more and that is, the cancer itself will make a patient very tired.

As for a bed for your dad, you might want to call the Amercian Cancer Society and see if you can get one from them... I'm guessing you live in the US?

Good Luck and Best wishes,

Connie B

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Hi, and welcome. As Connie said, treatments cause fatigue and depression comes along and adds to the fatigue. It is important that your dad eat enough and drink plenty of fluids to fight this disease. My wife stays much of the day, and sleeps at night in a recliner. She has spinal damage and the recliner is the only way she can be comfortable. Keep us posted, and let us know how we may support you. Don

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my dad too slept almost all of the time from his treatments. it was rare for him to be awake as a matter of fact.

the water is good, he really needs it. I know its hard to get nutrition in them so ask his onc. about appetite increasing powders.

this is an ugly road your on now with us. but we have all been on it and can help you along the way.

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Lots of good information above. I was not a good water drinker. Buying the bottled water helped as regular tap water was hard for me to get down.

Also, I bought some little dixie cups and slugged some ounces down that way.. a whole glass just looked too overwhelming.

As far as food goes...try for the comfort foods right now... if it's white and processed it will probably go down. Oatmeal with brown sugar and cream. Macaroni and cheese. Mashed potatoes and gravy.. Nothing spicy like spaghetti probably.

Grazing as Katie suggested is a great idea.

Thanks for dropping in and come back.

Cindi o'h

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Thank you all so much for your replys. He actually ate better today. Had an egg, some cottage cheese/ peaches, OJ, Tomato juice and some Ice cream. A feast compared to past few days. He is suppose to start his second round of chemo weds.


Dad 74yrs old SCLC DX 12/15/04

Chemo 1/05/05-1/07/05

Pleural effusion drained 1/21/05

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Hi Driver and WELCOME!

Was your dad real tired before the treatments started or is this all new since treatment? As everyone else has said, the treatments do make them very tired and depressed. I've said my husband slept 24/7 during treatment. It started the third week of radiation and chemo (he had already had brain radiation).

As a matter of fact, I clearly remember him saying, "Man, I thought this was a cake walk and then WHAM, it knocked me flat on my ___." (you know - that rear end part). LOL!

If he was tired before, it could be because of the cancer or it could be related to other health problems. Your post doesn't tell us his age or much information about his overall health.

My husband was so fatigued after 2 months that the onc put him on a low-dose steroid (decadron) to "kick-start him". IT WORKED! In just a couple of weeks he began to get his strength back.

Best of luck to your dad, Driver. Don't stay a stranger, and please keep us posted.


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Hi Driver 4,

I just want to welcome you to the group. I don't know that I have much that I can add to what the others have said. I know that when Mike's appetite was down, rice and pasta dishes seemed to work the best. Good ole Chicken noodle soup seemed to hit the spot and soothe the nausea. Glad to hear your Dad ate better today. My best to you and your family.


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