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The Monster doesn't win


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I was awake very early this morning with something on my mind.

All of us found this site at a time when we needed so much desperately. A monster had entered our lives and turned it upside down and ripping our secure worlds apart. We came seeking advice, support, assurance and comfort. We found all of those things. Then eventually we realized that we were not only receiving those things but passing them on to others.

Everything that we had known was threatened, some like myself had already lost so much. So many things were under attack, our dreams, our life as we knew it, our security and our love and faith. Some of those things we lost but something else happened too.

Nothing can compare to the strength of the human spirit. We learned to value love more and see just how much power it has. Our faith had been strained but in most cases eventually it became stronger. Life became even more precious and we learned to take nothing for granted. What at one time may have been a small measure of understanding and compassion became so strong that we are amazed. We found a strength that we never knew possible and the more that life demands of us we somehow find more.

From a situation that is frightening, painful and destructive comes a small measure of good. As long as that happens the monster doesn't win. Maybe someday it will quit trying.

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Lil, thanks for posting this message. I really needed to read these words today. I don't always remember that the "monster" didn't win and that is a shame! Although I lost such a huge part of my life and my "being" when I lost Dennis, I still have so very much to be thankful for. The wonderful group of cancer survivors from this board are one of the many things I thank God for. Here, there is always a compassionate shoulder to lean on when you feel you just can't walk alone!!!!

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