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Bless us all!


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Yes, I mean it. Bless us. All of us that are caregivers, patients, and survivors. For those undergoing current treatment (like me) here is to a posititive attitude and a really GOOD sense of humor - you need it all of the time.

Are any of you on complimentary treatment - holistic, mind/body, etc? I have found that it has helped a great deal but I am just loaded with vitamins, herbs and protien drinks. All have made me not only feel better but in a bit more in control - which is a really great feeling.

Let me hear from you as I am Stage IV, going soon for my second round of Chemo and some Rad to my arm. Love to hear good stories - but I have just as much trouble staying positive as you all do. What an elevator ride this disease puts you though. And let's not forget the stress factor. At least we have each other.


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Hi Barb

I too am stage IV and am currently undergoing my 4th cycle of chemo.

I take several types of supplements, herbs, drinks etc. You are right

it does help give one a sense of control. Before going to sleep I listen

to healing meditation tapes. I also have some of Bernie Segals tapes

and books which I enjoy, and I do some of the exercises in his books.

I am still working and have a good performance level, which I attribute

to the way I am eating and the supplements I'm taking.

When I was first diagnosed in August of last year, I was ready to plan

my funeral. I feel physically better than I did in August, and mentally

I am in a much better place.

God Bless You and may God give you strength to battle this disease.

Please feel free to e-mail me directly or call me.


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Guest BionicBelle

Hello there everyone.

I agree, God Bless Us All! As we know, cancer is not just "one" person's disease. It's a family disease!

My mom was diagnosed with Stage IV NSC adenocarcinoma in December '02. She has recently completed her first cycle of chemo over a two week period. She is feeling very tired and has little if any energy. She is taking vitamin supplements and eating as best as possible, mostly small meals. I wonder if this will get better for her over time. My mom wonders if she will be getting weaker and weaker as she has more chemo. When will this get better? Her doctor seems to feel that with time it will. To those of you reading this, what has been your experience?

How do you all stay so strong and positive? My mom feels like she is the only one in the world with this disease. None of her friends can relate to her "truly," and then there is also the element of "why" since she is a nonsmoker and all of our family is nonsmoking.

My mom has basically stopped talking to her friends because she says she finds the conversations depressing. Being well intended, all they seem to talk about is about cancer, other friend's ailments, who is in the hospital, etc. My mom wants to talk about anything and everything else! I guess most people don't know what to say and feel they have to relate somehow. One lady friend infact was comparing her "cold" to my mother's cough (due to the lung cancer) and said that "she was going through the same thing." Can you imagine? At first I was angry to hear how insensitive this was, but now I laugh. People mean well but really don't have a clue. Just thought I'd share this with you all.



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Yes, I think we have to forgive th0se who say or do the wrong things, because they don't have a clue. If you haven't been touched by cancer, you have no idea what the person (or the family) is going through. We here all know that. On occasion, I have to screen phone calls for my wife, so she doesn't have to endure thoughtlessness when she is down. She is beginning to tell people when she doesn't want to talk. We figure those who really care will understand and those who don't understand -- well, that is their problem. But we all need to reach out to others who do understand because they are in the same place and to support each other. And that is why we are all here. Blessings! Don

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Hi All,

Yes, I certainly do have empathy for others who are trying to relate to my situation and inadvertently say or do inane things, because, sadly, I remember myself feeling very uncomfortable and not knowing how to react in similar situations before I had cancer. And you know what? I may still say or do something that will upset another person because I can't know all of the "buttons" that might trigger someone else's anguish. We are all just doing the best we know how, hmmmm? I try to remember the quote, "Don't sweat the small stuff, because it's all small stuff." Try to look for some love or laughter or create some yourself to cheer you up.

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