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It appears today we were experiencing some server / software issues.

The only way to troubleshoot the issues is to return to the original format to determine what the issues are.

So for now the site is as it was until we iron out the server issues.


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The new website looks great to me but there is one thing I miss about this one. I don't know how to describe it but you know how when you read a post that you had not read and go back to the main page for the next post? If you have read it the color changes and you know that you read that one. On the new site I can't figure out how that part works. I found myself re-reading some that I had already seen. There are so many now that after you read 30 or so, you get confused as to which ones are left. Is there some way to do that on the new website?


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I know I am an old fogey, but I like that the text is wider on the old format (more words per line). All that white space and the narrow colums make it seem like work to read it.

It looks great. But reading the posts are difficult for me.

Rick and Katie, I do appreciate all your efforts to make this a better and better place.

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