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new and confused...

Guest twiggy7977

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Guest twiggy7977


i am new here...and wondering about Lung cancer and tests...

I have been suffering from a bad cough for about 8 weeks now. My doc first had put me on two different inhalers and neither did anything....i went to a walk in clinic and the doc there did some swabs and put me on antibiotics for walking Pneumonia...

the swabs for strep and whooping cough were fine.

The antibiotics didn't help and i went back to my doc. He sent me for a chest x-ray and did a sputum test....both were fine. Now he has me on a higher dose of the antibiotics ( ends today) and on Prednisone.

Doesn't seem to be helping.

I am wondering if i should still be worried about cancer? Should i be asking for a CT scan? What is the next step?

I am 32 year old female. Never smoked...but grew up with my parents who smoke heavily...I was always ill as a child...coughs, strep, ear infections, tonsils out....

Last year i had the same cough as this year but it went away after using the inhaler for a couple weeks.

I am getting pain in my chest and back....can't catch my breath and sometimes my heart will race... and i get so shaky....feel like i am hyperventilating...

i am getting very scared...and frustrated.. :cry:

thank you...

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My thought?

Try to get the CT. Sounds like you may have some other breathing related issue. Emphysema, asthma...

A CT will help to rule out lung cancer. This will give you peace of mind. Are you at risk? Probably. You've been exposed to secondhand smoke, have a history of smoking-related illnesses.

Discuss your fears and your history with your physician. You'll probably end up with a CT referral.

As for the shortness of breath, etc., that COULD be an anxiety attack. Also something you would want to discuss with your doctor.

Good luck,


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If these docs that you have already seen are not able to help you, you may want to consider a referral to a lung specialist...a pulmonologist or allergist/immunologist.

The racing heart may be caused by the shortness of breath as well... the heart has to work harder to keep up.

What I do find encouraging is that you had the same cough last year that was relieved by the inhalers. You may have some asthma going on there.

It sounds as if you have some inflammation somewhere that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Your symptoms sound severe enough to warrant urgent care or even the ER..

Cindi o'h

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Twiggy -

I have had severe cough issues for 3 years and saw multiple docs who gave me various anti-biotics, inhalers and steroids with not much relief. Finally went to an immunologist who has put me back together like new. I also had a peace of mind CT to rule out any cancer etc. I had been told I had asthma, acid reflux and allergies but no one had ever bothered to put the pieces together until I saw the immunologist. I have now gone almost 3 months with no Bronchitis - first time in 3 years and have my asthma under control.

Like Becky suggested you certainly should pursue a CT based on your history even if it is for peace of mind and don't quit until you get some answers AND start feeling better.

Hope you are feeling better soon!!!

Much Love,


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