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We're fightng Stage IV and I think we're winning


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Hi - I came across your site when referred by another member for information. I've been scanning the stories and I must tell you that I wish I had found you last March when our nightmare began. Ron, my partner, had had a "sore" back which presented itself in September 2003 subsequent to a furnace and oil tank installation. At first the pain wasn't too bad - it seemed that ibuprofen took care of it. The symptoms appeared to indicate "sciatica" because he'd get a little relief after seeing a chiropractor until December. We all thought that the problem kept flaring up because Ron continued to lift and work continuously throughout the winter months. It was March 2004 when Ron finally couldn't deal with the pain anymore. Even though I had urged him repeatedly to see a physician he kept putting it off. He actually went to emergency and his back was xrayed. The physician told him that everything seemed ok. However, a week and half later that same emerg. md phone him to say that another colleague had looked at the film and suggested a catscan. Apparently, he had seen compression fractures - that indicated a more serious problem. Our visit to a neurosurgeon was scheduled for March 25. Ron didn't make that appointment; he went to emergency that morning because of rapid breathing. Pleural effusion was found in the right lung. It was drained by the respirologist and sent for testing. We were still hoping that it might have been pneumonia. Before we received the lab results we saw the neurosurgeon who just shook his head after looking at the catscan. He told Ron to go home and get his things in order. We were shocked. Two days later the respirologist delivered the news that the cells extracted from his lung did indicate malignancy. He was referred immediately to oncology and that's when our story of treatment and success (so far) begins. It's been 10 months since the horrible visit with the neurosurgeon and Ron is doing extremely well. I'm so happy to see that Stage IV is not necessarily a death sentence. Your board seems to have those who can boast much longer than all of the horrible statistics indicate. I would love to hear about your stories of survival. It keeps me positive. Also, if any of you have had mets to the adrenal I'd like to get more information. This latest possibility is something that we may be dealing with shortly.

I'm sorry for being long winded but it really does help when we females get to vent.

I appreciate any suggestions and information which you may like to share. And of course, prayers are always appreciated.

Keep up the fight.


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I'm so happy to be the first to say Welcome to this site, although I'm not happy that you have a need to be here. Your story is already inspiring to me and I'm sure to many others that will read. Please keep us posted on progress and come back often with more and more good news. I cannot help you with your questions regarding mets to the adrenal, but I have confidence that there are many others who will be posting all they can to help and learn along with you.

Love and prayers,

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It would be nice if you would put your story with that title in the "My Story" forum for others with Stage IV lung cancer. It can be so scary to get that diagnosis and would help give hope to other new people that come here.

Welcome, I am glad things are going your way. We have others with adrenal involvement that will hopefully chime in here on what they're doing.


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Yeah! Welcome to a Stage IV butt-kicker!!! :)

Tree is right. I loved her words. :)

Welcome Janet! I am so glad you found this site. My husband is Stage IV and really doing well. You can click on anyone's profile you are interested in reading more info at the bottom of their posts and follow the link that says "see all posts . . . "

I have posted many times on how well my husband is doing, and so have many others. Don Wood's wife, Lucie, I believe is more than two years since diagnosis as a Stage IV, and my husband is 17+ months.

I'm thrilled to hear that your husband is doing so well. May God bless him with long-term success.



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Hi Janet,

Welcome to the group. You will see, from my husband's profile, that he has stage IV nsclc. His is a recurrence on the bronchial stump ( where his lung was removed in 200l), to the lymph nodes and to the left adrenal gland. I don't know what information I can share with you except to say that he is doing pretty good right now. Fatigue is his only complaint. You will see his treatment has consisted of chemotherapy and some radiation . There is no special treatment due to the adrenal gland involvement. The doctor explained to us that this is primarilly lung cancer and the treatment is the same for all. In other words, if the cancer had originated in the adrenal gland, it may have been treated differently or with surgery, but in this case it is lung cancer spread to the adrenal gland. Thus far, chemotherapy has kept the adrenal tumor nearly stablized with only minor change over time. This is my understanding of the situation.

Janet, I'm sure you will find that each cancer case is unique, but there is a lot of information and hope among the members here. Again, welcome and thank you for sharing with us. My best to you.


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Hi Janet and welcome to the best place with the best people! Glad to hear Ron is doing well. At stage IV myself and doing well other then fatigue. Still have a life. Don't plan on going anywhere soon. They will need a cork screw to get me into the ground. Stay with us. Peace. take care and God Bless. Rich

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