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What a weekend


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Just want to post about the great weekend we had. Dad was feeling good and we took him out friday and saturday. I am hopeful about things, tentatively-as always.

Today is Sunday-church day-day before work begins again day- and my anniversary. Rick & KatieB have been married 12 years today.


Next month is my parents anniversay. NEVER knew it until now!!! They just kept it to themselves all these years and never let us know. It was just "theirs". Well I know now - had to fill out some paperwork for dad and found his marraige cert. So I am throwing them a HUGE party next month. Just decided to do this this weekend. Short notice, but I think it can be done. It will be a great memory I think.

Hoping all of you are well and managed to have a good weekend. Prayers for all of you as I leave for church.

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KatieB and Rick-

I hope you have a simply marvelous day and anniversary! Congratulations!

The anniversary party for your parents sounds like a wonderful, thoughtful, loving gesture that will be treasured. Neat-o.

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Thanks everyone for the Happy Anniversary wishes...

It has been a great 12 years and wouldn't trade a day, Well maybe one or two... just kidding...

KatieB is truely the greatest (having put up with me) and the 12 years have been wonderful!!

I truely am not a real easy person to live with as I am a somewhat Eccentric and super spontaneous, however am loving and caring.

Katie, your the greatest!

PS - Happy Anniversary Anniemac!!

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