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Mannatech Nutritional Supplements

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My Dad mentioned that his cousin (whose wife just had a rough scrape with colon cancer), is trying to get him turned onto Mannatech nutritional supplements for mom. Apparently Linda (the lady with colon cancer feels strongly that they are what have helped her fight her battle so successfully.

I was wondering if anyone else had heard of this... and if you can give me any info.

Mom and Dad (and me too) are understandably skeptical. We don't want to close our ears to something that could be helpful, but we don't want to be chasing after every little gimmick either.

BTW--this would be in addition to chemo/radiation rather than in place of.

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During treatment, you really need to get doctor's approval for any supplementation. They can interfere with the effectiveness of treatments, and that would be a shame to go through all that and not get the maximum benefit.

Ask the doctors at radiation and chemo....they will tell you what you can and can't take during treatment.


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I came across it in my research a couple of years ago and I remember my herbologist telling me not to bother for many reasons. One reason being way overpriced for what it is. I don't remember the other reasons.

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Please make sure you talk to the oncologist before taking supplements during treatment. While antioxidants are great normally, there is a school of thought that chemotherapy and radiation can be hindered by taking too many of the antioxidants. It would be wise to coordinate all supplements with the medical team.

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My sister in law swears by Mannatech. And has for years. When Johnny was diagnosed, the doctor said no to Mannatech. He said that after treatment, she could do whatever she wanted.

He was drinking as much of it as she gave him. Didn't do him much good I don't think. He died four months after diagnosis. But, he did get to go fishing a little bit.

She uses it for everything. And believes in it wholeheartedly.

I didn't use any during or after my cancer treatments. I guess that shows what I think about it.

Cindi o'h

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I am all for supplements, provided you inform your doctors (for the reasons outlined above). However, Geoff and I have very strong feelings about Mannatech, per se--and I have to admit they are not positive. I do not mean to offend anyone who does take/like Mannatech--a question was posed, and I am simply expressing our opinion regarding the matter.

Someone turned Geoff's mom on to Mannatech about two years before she was diagnosed with LC. Geoff and I objected b/c a) we were unsure about the product itself and B) we thought it was a pyramid scheme. She was extremely enthusiastic about the products, though; she gave us a bunch of it, which we never took.

When Geoff's mom was dx'd with LC--and we collectively researched and questioned doctors, nutritionists, etc.--we ended up tossing every single bottle into the trash--at her insistence!

We are not doctors, nutritionists, or soothsayers--and we certainly do not claim to have cornered the market on truth. This is simply our two cents on the issue.

I wish everyone the best.


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