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Second round of CPT 11 tomorrow!


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I will have my second round of CPT 11 tomorrow. Last week, I was nervous about the side effects and I feel better about it this time. The papers I was given warned me intensely about diarrhea. Sure didn't have have any of that! Had exactly the opposite! These drugs do a job on the digestive system!

It has been set up to have one chemo a week, for 3 weeks and one week off and another 3 weeks of one day a week chemo. Seems to be the usual for this drug.

I am praying that this will resolve at least some of the remaining spots of cancer, which were stable at the last Scans! The Carboplatin and Etoposide did a phenomenol job for me! Praying for more of the same!

Love to all of you supportive people! Marge

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Mouse -- (I love that nickname! There is an old, old children's story called "Bad Mousie." I used to have the sweetest little kitty, Baby Kitty, and he would get into such trouble, but had the sweetest face, so we could never be mad at him! We called him "Bad Mousie" all the time because of that story!)

Glad you're having good luck with treatment, and tolerating it well. I am thankful on a daily basis that I had so few side effects from the chemo, radiation, etc., and love hearing it when others do well.

You're just digging in there and DOING this, huh!


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