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Joels progress- week 5


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Hi all,

I just want to update you on Joels progress since his surgery on Dec. 15.

I might have told you that he has been diagnoised through a blood test with an over active thyroid, that is making him fatigue. He has to see an endocrinologist on Feb 1st.

And right now he is talking medication (lopressor) for his accelerated heart rate.

I have a call into his doctor as he has been vomiting and gagging. Yesterday, when I came home from work, he was sleeping on the couch. He did not eat anything, just had some juice and some fruit cocktail.. He didn't even finish the milkshake I make for him every night. Which he looks forward too.

He told me it is becoming hard for him to even walk.

I am really concerned... and I feel so helpless that I cannot help him.

He has lost close to 30 lbs, but that could be due to the thyroid problem.

Anyway that is it for now. I am home from work today, because I just want to watch him. I don't want to leave him in case the doc wants to see him or if I have to take him to emergency. I really would like to get his vitals checked.

This is his 5th week, and i feel that he is slipping as he seemed so much better when he first came home. Even though he was in pain then.

Thanks for the ear,


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Prayers for your Joel to get some strength and his appetite

to return. He needs to force himself to get up and try and walk. When you just sleep all day and not walk, your legs and body become

to act like ruber bands. Your muscle tone starts to deteriorate. Even if he

doesen't feel like doing anything, he needs to force himself.Been there a done this. Many prayers for you and your family. Keep us posted.

God Bless,


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I had the same problem with being very weak. Turned out I was anemic, also the drs. recommended I walk even though at times I was very shaky and even fell a few times. If you can get him to take Ensure and Gatorade to keep him hydrated. Being dehyrated can also make you very weak. Possible a blood transfusion or Procrit. Maybe the Dr.will have suggestions. Give him a call. That's what they're there for! Prayers coming your way.


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There is always a reason when someone is sick. I realize they might not always be able to find that reason, but they should at least try, and if they can't figure it out, then I'm sure they can treat the symptoms.

Hang in there, and let us know what the doctor says.

Love and prayers,


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Hi all,

The doctor actually scheduled an emergency brain MRI for him today. Just to make sure there was not change. Whatever that means. His brain scan in the beginning was all clear.

Anyway, we went for the MRI, and he was in there for 2 minutes and started to complain that his head was too hot and he was sweating, which he was not. So they aborted the procedure.

I just hope when he goes to the Encocrinologist on Tues that the meds for the hyperthroid will correct his fatigue and appitite.

All he does now is moan, has his head in his hands and just wants to sleep. He is down about 30 lbs now.

Its like I don't know this person who is the biggest motivitor I know and was doing so well after the operation, now this. He was doing better when he first came home with the pain, He just seems mentally drained.

Its really scary.

They upped his pain patch miligrams. I wonder if that is making him vomit. Once in a while he does take a percocet with it.

Lately, for some reason which I am ashamed to say I get a little short with him because I feel he is not fighting enough.

I will see what his onocologist says tomorrow about him not going through with the test.

Next week his has a CT scheduled for his chest, abdomen and pelvis. He is suppose to start Chemo soon, but now that will have to be put on hold.

He seems to vomit more in the morning, when he gets up then at night, so I am able to get something down at night. I do get him to drink as much as possible. I do not want him to get dehydrated.

Tomorrow, I will probably take off work again, but I may just take him to the ER.



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