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Immune Theraphy and visualization

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I'm a little down this weekend Gene is feeling lousy and his breathing is worse. I and went to the Borders and found this book called Getting Well Again by O. Carl Simonton, MD who opeartes the Cancer Counseling Research Center in Dallas, Texas, it is very interesting and I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this place or of his books? They tell of some recoveries through visualization techniques. I am very interested in hearing from anyone who is aware of this facility. Of course I am always looking for the miracle cure. Thanks for listening, Carol

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Hi, this is Karen, David C's wife. He must not have seen this post. Our oncologist referred him to a clinical psychologist to see, if he wanted to, at the beginning of his treatments back in late March/early April. We went to her just to see what she had to offer (since mentally, Dave was doing great) and she told him about visualization techniques. You put yourself in a meditative state, and visualize in some way the cancer going away. Lots of people, especially men, invision an army marching through their bloodstream and attacking and killing all the cancer cells, etc. Turns out Dave had used this type of thing for years in his trumpet playing, so it was easy for him to do. He had a certain symphony he listens to during chemo and other times - I can't remember the composer right now. The psychologist told us of several different successful cancer treatments where the patients (patients of hers) used visualization. Dave had 6 weeks of radiation starting in April and after that and four rounds of chemo, a CT scan showed his tumors to be gone. So it probably did at least help. That, combined with lots of prayer, a strong will to live and beat the cancer, and excellent doctors and nurses helping him.

Hope this helps - maybe Dave can add something.

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Dr. Simonton is mentioned in Bernie Siegels books. He does sessions on visualization and has a web site. If you search "exceptional cancer patient" I think it will come up. I saw an old documentary the other day and they interviewed Dr. Simonton.

Bernie Siegels books are wonderful to listen to on tape.

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