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Feel Good News

Kel M

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Hi all,

Just a quick note to tell you that Mom has been doing pretty well in the palliative care facility... so well, in fact, that it looks like she might be going to Florida to do some golfing! (fingers crossed)

Her neurological issues have abated somewhat (only pop up when she's tired, for example) and the lumbar puncture (owie!) seems to have come back negative for cancer cells floating around in her spinal cord and brain. This is following clear scans and MRIs of the brain. So, in sum, it would appear that the doctors have a wee bit of a mystery on their hands. I think they will begin to investigate the possibility of a stroke (relatively minor as it would be). the Decadron they have her on seems to work well - her appetite is phenomenal - so we might see some much needed weight gain. Her face has certainly filled out and that is a blessing in itself.

There is only one nodule in the lung. The oncologist is not concerned about it at this time. He feels that it will be "months or years" before it's an issue. So, we're really no further ahead than we were a couple of weeks ago in terms of information, but we have hope. We also know they are working hard to figure things out.

I thought I'd also tell you about a lovely thing some pulmonary oncology nurses did for Mom. They showed up and asked her to go down to the end of the hall and wait for them. They then proceeded to set up a carpet, remove a putter, golf balls and a golf ball returning machine and joined in on a putting contest with my Mom. She beat them all hands down - it brought tears to my eyes!! Even the staff psychologist came racing down the hallway with a digital camera. There was such laughter and enjoyment and it was so special and so appreciated. Are we lucky or what?

Have a happy day all!

Kel :D

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Well, that's a kick in the pants! How wonderful! She not only beats the prognosis, but beats them all at putting to boot!

These kinds of stories remind me of that line from The Godfather -- "Just when I get out, they pulllllll me back in." (Or something like that!)

Best of wishes to your mom. Sounds like she's one tough lady, and has lots going for her. Thanks for sharing this great story too!


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Aw, Kel....this post just has me smiling from ear to ear!! I'm so glad your mom is doing better...and what a wonderful bunch of nurses to bring in the putting green and machine just so Mom could clean their clocks! :wink:

I hope Mom continues to improve and makes her way to FL for some golf and sunshine real soon. Do keep us posted!!

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Such good news ! It's so great to read happy stories on this board! I think that was such a super thing the nurses did for your Mom! There are really some great health care providers around! Hope the Florida trip happens! Our weather should be getting very nice really soon.

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