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Does anyone have experience with the three drug combo CAV? This is what my mom is probably going to try next. I'm concerned about the side effects, although she hasn't had much problem with her other chemos. I hope that means she will tolerate this one well too.

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Hi Jackson,

My partner's oncologist's plan was to alternate Carboplatin/VP16 with CAV, so the second chemo was the CAV regimen. He did not tolerate it well, experienced severe stomach pain, extreme weakness and upset stomach, possibly due to one of the rarer side effects of Vincristine. At the time I checked with other professionals about CAV and most thought it was a good, effective and mostly well tolerated regime. However for us, we're back to Carbo/VP116 and sticking with it for now.

We were told that with CAV there is a risk to the heart but usually later, after about 6 cycles. We were also told that Topotecan is sometimes used in place of CAV - that it works much the same but the side effects are less severe. Hope your mom feels better soon.

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Hi Summer,

Sorry your partner had to go through those bad side effects. My mom was mostly very tired and had a little nausea. We were told that the CAV is an older regimen and isn't used as much anymore because it can be harder to tolerate, but since she's already had topotecan this was the next chemo we should try.

I hope your partner continues to do well on the carbo/VP16.

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