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Spoke with Social Security today


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Very interesting...I filled out all of the pre-paperwork with patient numbers, address, medical records. I had everything ready for when they called. Basically, they never asked anything about mom's medical condition, but told her that she is NOT eligible for anything for two reasons:

1) You have to have worked 5 out of the tenlast years

2) Because my stepdad's 401k assets are too much.

I was shocked that they considered retirement savings income for SSI purposes, but apparently they do.

Thanks, Lori

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You have to have worked 5 out of the tenlast years

That rule is a "bummer." It hinders alot of people. I know a lady that worked for over 16 years at 18.00 per hour, had a child at 35 years old and quit her job to be a stay at home mom. She was in a car accident and guess what....NO SS. She had not worked 5 of last 10. She had worked 3 of last 10 but not the required 5. Anyway that is the system.

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