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Help - Possible Pulmonary Embolism

Amy P

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Just got a call from Dad, Mom was in having her yearly check for the cervical cancer and she is now being tested for possible PE - what does this mean? I did a search but it pulled up to many posts. Can anyone give me the long and short of this???

I am usually pretty calm but this has me pretty concerned....


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This is a blood clot in your lungs. This is how Charlie was diagnosed with his cancer because he had shortness of breath. More than likely, she had a clot in her leg that traveled to her lungs. She can be put on blood thinners and maybe clot busting medication. Take care. I am praying for her, you and your whole family.

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Amy,I had a blood clot in my one remaining lung a while back.I was in

the hospital 2 days and 1 night.

I was sent home with self injections of lovenox (2x a day in the stomach area & did not hurt).I was also put on coumadin which is a blood thinner

(actually a form of rat poison) that I have been taking now for a year.

The lovenox was to break up any existing clots and the blood thinner is to prevent any more from occuring.So far (1 year) I have not had any more trouble.

I hope this is as easy to do and with as good as results for your mom as it was for me.

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It is GREAT that they caught it if it is a PE. My mom had one found routinely when she was on chemo and got a ct scan and I FREAKED OUT. But it turns out, it was no big deal, it is common, she got blood thinners and a filter put in. The biggest joke was thank goodness all her CT showed was a blood clot in her lung.

Keep me posted

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I had a rapid heartbeat and 3 days before X-mas they slapped me in the hospital for a possible PE. I had a CAT Scan and it didn't show anything. The Doctor explained that had it been one, I would have been on blood thinners by IV for awhile till it broke up.

It's dangerous if not caught, but with the right meds...it's fine.

I will say that it scared the heck out of me when he said PE! ALmost had to pick me up off the floor, BUT I do tend to over react to everything anyway! :?

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OK - close call but everything is all clear...CT came back clear. Apparently she has had a "spell" like this earlier this week - very short of breath, chest tightness etc so they sent her home with nitro glycerin and instructions if she has another "spell" that she will see a cardiologist to have her heart checked.

Does this sound normal? I couldn't get to the hospital in time to talk to the doc so what I got was passed on by her. I am really concerned about this does anyone have any insight or advice?

Tina, thank you so much, your PM helped to calm me down when I really needed it. I really appreciate it!

And thanks to all of you for your advice and prayers - they meant so much.

Much Love,


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Amy -

So glad it's not a PE!

She should see a cardiologist, I have a rapid heartbeat from the chemo treatments and I'm being treated, since I'm only 37, I can imagine that it may be affecting your Mom as well. I have also noted that several people on the board have had heart attacks or other heart related issues after dx, who's to say that this wouldn't have happend if they were never dx, who knows!

Good luck and keep us posted!

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