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Losing My Mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I was referred to Johns Hopkins to the chief of pulmonary surgery. All my records and test results had been sent from my pcd. They put me thru it i was all day going from department to department getting all kinds of tests done. Then I went to see Dr. Yang at 3pm and I was so shocked. I had got all my paper work back and he was going to do a mediastinoscopy and see if he could get something that might be able to tell what these things are in my lungs. Instead, when I go in he says when he goes down with the mediascope and does a frozen section done if it is cancer he will not do anything else until I have chemo done. However, if it shows no cancer he will do a pulmonary resection. I am half scared out of my mind. I know they are the best at johns hopkins but I just met this doctor. Should he have took it a step at a time. I am so confused and scared I am thinking of cancelling it all. Sorry to be so whiney but this is my body and I want to live to raise my grandson. Please respond to me if this is something that has happend to you. Thanks, Nancy

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Don't cancel it! Go back and read your original post about the mediastonoscpy, you will see that A LOT of people had it, and it was always teh same--they go in and if lymph nodes are cancer, they wait till chemo. Otherwise, they resect right away. It is a common test :)

Relax. I know how scary it is, but it has to be done. After the tumor on my mom's CT scan and apt with pulmonologist/surgeon, she had the mediastonoscopy done the following week :)

Best of luck! And really, so many people here have had it. IT is good they are being aggressive and want to check right away.

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Our experience with Dr. Yang and Hopkins has been to be more aggressive in case it is cancer. You are right to second guess what he is saying and if you are uncomfortable, seek a second opinion! We did and eventually went with them. They found a lymph node on my dad's follow up and they were unable to get to it thorugh biopsy at Hopkins and they have decided to treat it as though it is cancer, eventhough they are not 100% positive. That was hard at first, we kept asking why treat something as cancer if you don't know but all of the opinions we gathered told us that they would rather get it early if it is since they still felt my dad's cancer was "treatable". Just follow your heart, eventhough this is such a scary time for you and it is hard to focus, ask questions!! Call and ask for a patient advocate to help you, I'm sure they have them there! Hang in there! Praying for the best!!


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