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Think I found Joels problem


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Hi there,

I think I found out what the problem is with Joel. I told you that it being week 5 (it is actually week 6) that he was nauseous, vomiting and fatiqued, shakey, having no appitite and even acting kind of loopy.

I went on line to find out about the side effects of this Fentanyl patch he started taking about 11 days ago. They were trying to wean him off of the percocets. Anyway, when I think back most of his symptoms started when he started the patch. Then they upped the milligram a week later, that made his symptoms more severe.

I had no idea that patch was morphine. He does not do well with morphine. So I took the patch off, but it will take close to 24 hours for it to leave his system. He still has his percocets if he needs anything for pain. But I am hoping the ibuprofen will do the trick.

Also, he has his appointment with the Endocrinologist Tues, about his hyperthroid condition. With medication this should fix his losing weight and feeling fatigued.

Then I truly feel, he will be back on his road to recovery. :lol:

I feel so strongly that I found the problem that I have been in such a good mood today. :mrgreen:

I am glad now that he did not go through with the brain MRI as I know there is no problem there.

Please keep your fingers crossed that this was the problem.

I just gave him a Boost to drink, and now I hear him in the bathroom vomiting. Poor guy... I really hope the patch was the problem.

If anyone has anything to add about the patch, that happened to them let me know.


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Now that you said that about the patch......I remember when I used it I had a lot of nausea and major headaches!

Make sure when you see his doctor to get more pain meds, everyone told me that if you had pain take the meds, and it took a while after chemo ended for the pain to stop completely.

I hope that removing the patch works! Poor guy!

I know my first week of chemo/radiation I was taking so many pills and having side affects from all of them that I barely knew my name. I crawled to the computer and posted and begged someone to tell me it would get better. Once I found out the sleeping pill, antidepressant, nausea pills, benadryl, decadron and allergy meds + the chemo, all mixed together didn't agree...... things seemed to settle down.

Good luck!!

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It sounds as though you were right, but I have to make a correction: Fentanyl is used for opiate RESISTANT pain. That is, when morphine doesn't work and pain bleeds through, they go for Fentanyl patch.

To go right from percoset to Fentanyl may have been an attempt to avoid opiates by your doctor, but it's a big jump between a fairly mild medication and Fentanyl.

I hope your husband can find something to relieve the pain.




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