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Asking for prayers, please


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Asking for prayers for my dad, Jessee. He has his testing on TUESDAY. This will show any improvements, whether or not the chemo continues to work, and any bad news (please- NO) So I am already fretting about this and praying like crazy. Thanks in advance to all of you, my "family".

Love always,


"Jessee's Girl"

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Hi Katie,

I always ask God to Bless all the people on this board and their caregivers. You are always so kind to others, giving them inspiration both

phsyically and spiritually. You know how you said the docs said your

dad would be gone by Christmas and he is still here. It is a very

scarry time when it comes to scans. Hopefully all will be okay.

God Bless you and your family,



ag 61 dx 12/01 Stage 11, adenocarcinoma nsclc, 1/02 right lung removed.

4/02 spread to lymph nodes restaged 1V. Had 6 chemos. Taxol/Carbo-

playin beginning in May/02 ending 8/28/02- been in remission since and

very greatful for it


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Dear Katie and Rick,

Just want to let you know I too am saying prayers that the chemo is working and that Dad will hear some good news. And Katie, I sure wish I knew a way to help take away those knots in your tummy. :( In my case and when I worry about something, It seems that the more I worry, when I go for results or whatever, the news ends up being good and the worry was for nothing. So, lets hope this works in your case as well.

Hugs and Prayers for you all.

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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Dear Father in Heaven, Will you send blessings to all of my friends on this message board. Will you bless them with the strength to get through another day with a light heart. Will you bless them with Faith in knowing that You are in charge. That You have the entire plan ready for all of us. May we find the peace we desire as you hold us in the hollow of thy hand. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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Thanks to each and everyone of you for your replies, love and prayers.

I will post about the results....................................in the GOOD NEWS FORUM 8):P

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