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Charlie Doing Better


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Charlie seems to be improving significantly on the Tarceva. We saw his onc. today. The onc. thinks the medication must be working. Charlie is coughing less, has more energy (he got on the roof yesterday and cleaned out the gutters--the first physical work of any kind he's been able to do in about 8 months), sleeps better and is just feeling much better. Thanks for all the prayers, concern, etc. Scans will not be done until the latter part of March. Take care.

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He got back on the roof today with a friend and found and patched our leaking roof, too. Betty: Give me your address. The next time we are in Florida, we will come by. Take care.

P. S. Hope we don't get ice tonight. They are saying we very well could get some...I don't mind a little snow, but ice is a No-Go!!

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