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Brain MRI


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I've been having mild, but continuous headaches the last couple of weeks. I called my Dr. who says it is probably nothing but ordered a MRI for Monday "just to make sure". I'm trying not to get too freaked out, but I almost never get headaches. I keep telling myself that it's probably just my sinuses do to the wet weather we've been having or stress from work. I wonder if I will ever get to a point where every little pain does not cause me to think I'm having a recurrence. Oh well, at least I'll know for sure by next week.

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The short answer: No.

I had a brain MRI over the summer due to headaches and some other "symptoms". All clear up there....but residue of migraines so I know that my headaches are more than just headaches (like I didn't have THAT figured out).

Every little ache and pain will have you wondering. Shoulder pain? I've had it since surgery....opposite shoulder than where the doctor sliced me open. Motrin helps, nothing going on there, either.

Did you notice a bit of a pattern there? I had the pain, called my doctor and tests were run to "be sure". I'm in no way saying it's all in your head and let it go...it MAY all be in your head, but make sure. Nothing like peace of mind, ya know?

As for the MRI - if you think you'll have issues with "The Tube", see if your doctor will prescribe a one-time dose of 10 mg. of Valium. Take it an hour before the test...someone may be hurting, but it won't be YOU! La-la-la-la... :roll:

Take care,


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I think that worry is what we are all struggling to get used to here. Our experiences were certainly enough to take away all confidence we ever had in our health.

I never got headaches much either, or maybe I just didn't pay that much attention before. And every little ache or pain just makes me crazy with worry.

It's tough not to feel that way though when, if you were like me, you felt fine until somebody one day gave you the news you had cancer.

Well, good luck, and I'm thinking it's just sinus acting up with damp weather.


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I know exactly how you feel. It is better to get is checked out but I vote for sinus problems or stress. Becky had a good idea about something for anxiety before the MRI. That tube is a little close. Best of luck. Will be looking for your post after you get the results.


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I too have developed migraine headaches, just 6-7 months out from my thoracotomy. Havent had those since I was young, so of course, I worry. heh However, MRI brain done 4-5 months ago, showed nothing between the ears , but "mild to moderate" sinusitus. My headaches have come with the onset of winter here, and my trying to walk outdoors in cold, makes the sinuses cold and probly is what causes the aches....but...who knows. Anyway, Im not rushing to check it out, long as aspirin and some stronger migraine pills seem to knock it out. And they are fairly infrequent now. dunno....

By the way, to deal with the claustrophobic MRI tunnel, they simply laid a small towel over my eyes....worked fine, I jus laid back and listened to the music in the headset. Pretended I was on a noisy airplane..heheh.

Anyway, good luck with results...hope it s nothing....Rich B.

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