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need to know how to email


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Hi again,

Here's how to send a PM (or an email if it's available):

Look at the bottom of the person's post and you see PM, and options to email.

Click on PM, or email.

A new window will open.

Type a subject

Type your message in the large white box

Click Submit. (you can Preview it before you hit Submit if you want)

Your message will sit in your Outbox until the person logs onto the site and checks their Inbox. When they open the PM or email, it will move to your Sentbox.

You can also send someone a PM by going to their profile and clicking on PM. You can also send them a PM by clicking on their name in one of the columns. For example, if you are on the home page, and you see I was the last one to post on that forum, you can simply click stand4hope which will take you to my profile. Click PM and follow the instructions above.

Hope that helps.



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