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lukiss here, update on dad...


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Hello and thank you to all that responded to my other post and I know alot of you had asked what happened.

I have been too drained to write, getting up everyday from a not real and short nights sleep to dealing with all with dad and then my 2 1/2 year old son got asthma and had to have breathing treatments etc.

Lukes doing much better..

my dad, well last i wrote it was 6 am and i went over there and he had fallen again in the middle of the night, bumping his head again.

I came home and got my son and went back over.

I bathed him for the first time, shaved him for the first time and I had to dress him.

its funny because i always dreaded that day and thought i would freak out, but instead i was peaceful and looked at it as a blessing and honor.

while i shaved him, i just stared at him in the mirror, really looking at him and how beautiful he still is, and looking at the resemblences and it was nice.

dont get me wrong it was difficult at the same time.

he was getting in a lot of pain by now because of the fall.

it took 2 hours to do this whole process.

bless his heart, when we got to the hospital he actually asked for a wheel chair, that has never happened, but it showed me how bad he was feeling.

to make a long story short, they got him in the er hours later and said his blood pressure was frightening low, and he had almost no sodium or protein. his body was actually beginning to eat his muscle.

they said his chest xray showed that his whole left lung was now totally full of tumors. it was a heavy and hard night.

we said alot of things to eachother that were brilliant.

god why does so much love come out in such a short time, and for monthes there has been none..

i am grateful.

he was admitted, and he still isnt able to eat, but this morning when i called he said he was terrible.

the superior vena cava syndrome is back, now for the 3rd time, so he isnt able to get it radiated on again, so i dont know what is going to happen.

he was very scared and crying so i went there and just got home stayed til they kicked me out.

it really relaxed him though.

so there is the update, dont know what to expect.

just am grateful that i am priveledged to be a part of this process with him, instead of him being alone.

one day at a time that is for sure..

thanks for all the support, it REALLY helped.


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Thank you, Lukiss. Difficult as it is, it is a blessing for both of you. Thank goodness he came back to you just in time. Things do happen for a reason. Hopefully the hospital can bring him up to optimum condition and you can make plans for "from now on..." My husband's right lung is completely filled now, just as your father's left lung is. They put him on oxygen and steroids and he is managing. We still have "good time" together. Wishing you the best possible. Margaret

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Dear Lukiss,

Thank you for the update. I have been wondering if you got your dad in the hospital. You are having rough times now, sweetie, but I'm so grateful that you have had this time with your dad. All the years without him don't matter anymore. All that matters is now.

Like you, I had to do a lot of things to help my dad, too, and yes it was a blessing and an honor. If most of us were told in advance some of the things we would do, we would have probably said "no way". Ha! How little we know how much strength God gives us when we need it.

I'm a strong believer in doing what you can to make him smile. Everybody is different, and you have to come up with your own ideas, but maybe you can tease him about flirting with the nurses or something.

Smiling and laughter is helpful, not only for him, but for you, too. Take him something silly. If you look around, there are all kinds of fun, silly things. Our son has a plastic fish mounted on a board that sticks its head out and sings some goofy song. He also has a racoon that wiggles and shakes and sings. Something like that will bring a smile to his face. Use your imagination, honey, but try to make these days as joyful as possible. He will appreciate it and it's a lot better than being melancholy or gloomy. Being cheerful will also help to take away his fear.

I hope your little boy is feeling better, too.

Best of luck, love and prayers to you and your dad.


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Wow, Lukiss these moments are yours to celebrate the love between a father and daughter. You will have these bittersweet memories for all of your life. Continue to savor each moment. I admire that you are letting go, and doing what love commands of you. You are a very mature woman. I am stricken with tears. This is your gift today.

cindi o'h

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Hi Lukiss,

I am just so thrilled that you two are getting to know each other, and have so much respect for one another.

He is so lucky to have you especially during these most difficult of difficult times. You are a blessing, what would he do without you?

I do have one question, Has hospice been called in because I heard they are wonderful, and can give you a little bit of a break.

Bless you, you are truly an inspiration....


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Reading your post was so beautiful and painful at the same time. I'm so sorry for your hurt. I'm praying for you and your dad. He is giving you beautiful memories to hang on to.

God bless you and keep you.

(prayers for Luke too, I have a little one with asthma as well and know how scary that can be too.)

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Lukiss, thank goodness you are there for your Dad and thank goodness he is there for you. Cherish this time with each other, as it will bring you much peace in the future. I am praying that your Dad will be comfortable and be at peace knowing what a wonderful daughter he has by his side. Keeping you both in my prayers.

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